palm oil extraction process features

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palm oil extraction process

palm oil extraction processpeople through boiling, crushing, squeezing process can be obtained crude palm oil (CPO) and palm meal (PE) from palm pulp; while in the process of crushing, palm fruit (ie, palm kernel) is separated out, then crushed and removed through the housing, the rest of the nuts obtained after extracting hair palm kernel oil (CPKO) and palm kernel meal (PKE) this is the first stage of palm oil extraction process. Oil palm fruit contains two different kinds of oil, palm oil obtained from pulp; obtained from palm kernel oil palm seeds (kernels), the two oil former is more important. All these products are effectively used in food, chemical, agriculture. Palm can be said is a good economic plants.
After the initial stage of palm oil extraction process, crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil is sent to the refinery refining, after the removal of free fatty acids, natural pigment, odor, serves as salad oil level - refined palm oil (RBD PO) and palm oil, salad oil ( RBD PKO). This is the second phase of palm oil extraction process through refined palm oil at close to colorless and transparent liquid, nearly white in the solid state. Also according to the different needs of users, palm oil may be subjected to further fractionation, processing, forming palmitoleic acid (PFAD), palm olein (referred OLEAN), palm stearin (referred STEARINE or ST). Oil palm fruit contains more lipase, so the fruit harvest must be processed in a timely manner or treated to kill the yeast, palm Maoyou Rong Yi hydrolysis own produce more free fatty acids, acid number is growing rapidly, and therefore timely refining or fractionation.
Palm oil is rich in carotene (0.05% -0.2%), dark orange-red, the pigment can not be effectively removed by alkali refining, oil color by oxidation can generally be off to pale yellow. In the role of sunlight and air, palm oil will gradually bleaching. Palm slightly sweet, with a pleasant scent of violets. A semi-solid at room temperature, the melting point and consistency depends largely on the level of free fatty acids. The international market to lower free fatty acid content is called soft palm oil, the higher free fatty acid content of palm oil is called hard.
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