The new best-selling cold expeller pressed oil press

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The new best-selling cold expeller pressed oil press

Cold expeller pressed multifunctional screw press is JINYAI latest research and development of new research design a new product, which oil press products to meet market requirements, meticulous production process, the performance is higher than the national standard. Without frying oil processing (lightly fried higher yields), do not peel, direct press, the oil is high, not foam, does not overflow the pot, good quality oil, pure taste, the twenty-first century green edible oil. Cold expeller pressed screw press with micro-electric control, infrared heating, filtration systems, multi-stage pressing, hot pressing can also be cold-pressed, raw materials directly into the machine, pressed out of the oil filter is a good absolute, can be directly consumed, the individual processing of the best equipment.
Cold expeller pressed oil press oil press wide range of major oil crops can press include: peanut, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower, soybean, pepper, flaxseed, mountain tea seed, pepper seed, olive, palm fruit, coconut and so on. Wherein peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil is the world's most widely consumed edible oil.
Cold expeller pressed oil press works: dynamic deceleration to the main shaft, mounted on pressing screw spindle with the rotation of the oil between the threads continue to move forward, because the space between the pressing bore and pressing bolts gradually reduced, increase the density of the oil, thus gradually increasing the pressure. Cold expeller pressed during pressing, because the machine automatically force the Department of hot days, the automatic temperature control device, increase the body temperature of the host, so as to reduce labor intensity, body wear, labor, energy saving, time-saving in the fuel particles Room friction between the fuel and parts, producing heat. This constitutes a cold expeller pressed oil extraction process pressure, the two elements of heat, destruction of oil cells, oil spill from the oil line, pie a cake from the cake between the head and the mouth is pushed out. When spilled oil flows through the filter drums above the oil pan, pump the air out of the barrel. Barrel a negative pressure on the oil through the filter cloth, being drawn into the barrel, while diesel was isolated in the cloth top, then get is pure liquid oil.
Cold expeller pressed oil press use can be pressed peanut, sesame, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower and other oil crops two dozen plants, three presses, a virgin net. Cold expeller pressed oil press operation process: raw materials cleanup - raw preheating - the first pressing - Second press - vacuum filtered model comprehensively improve the quality of oil and oil cake quality. Comply with the requirements to improve the wealthy people.
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