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soybean oil extraction plant

soybean oil extraction plant, soybean oil extraction is the new production of soybean oil extraction plant, oybean oil extraction plant after upgrade to better achieve the effect of oil, using a multi-stage crushing process, so oil quality improved, more in line with demand for healthy oils.
soybean oil extraction plant in the real process, whether hot or cold-pressed extra virgin, due to improper operation or adjustment of fuel moisture content should not be, there will be a different problem. soybean oil extraction plant prior to first clean up the raw materials into the plant oils contain certain impurities (sand, gravel, iron, etc.), if not careful cleaning, will accelerate the press equipment inside the mechanical wear and tear, lower oil yield, even cause malfunctions and accidents. Its supporting equipment: cleaning sieve, stone machine, magnetic separator and so on. So, to solve the oil problem is blackened or fried material pretreatment heating process, try to make low heat, reduce the temperature, appropriate longer frying time, crushing equipment Energizer use automatic oil press, oil extraction is bar row machine equipment, because of mechanical exhaust article can be provided within a maximum unit segment bombing bore the maximum pressure to ensure that once the press after the crop will feed Youzha net, into the cake. Reduce secondary extrusion at high temperatures. Press before use, you must read the instruction manual, are familiar with press equipment working principle and method of operation, holding the machine on work permits, non-native operating officer hurried move. Scope automatic oil is relatively broad, soybean oil extraction plant cottonseed oil crops can be pressed, but not the same due to the characteristics of oil crops, before entering the automatic oil pressing need to do some pre-processing step, such as: Cleaning , shelling, crushing, steaming and roasting, etc., different oil pretreatment process has different requirements. The pretreatment process can not only improve the oil yield of the press, but also can avoid press failures, automatic oil pressing process is an essential pre-processing step.
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