How to get healthier peanut oil by peanut cooking oil press machine?

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Peanut oil, vegetable oil series, the most common form of oil; peanut mellow taste, eat healthy, high nutritional value, account for a large proportion of the grain and oil consumption data. The main tool is the press peanut oil peanut cooking oil press machine, but also because of pressing legal oil to the maximum extent possible to retain the nutritional content of peanuts, and therefore favored by many refineries. Front also said, is characterized by greasy peanut mellow, health, high nutritional value, which is peanut oil selling point, today to talk about the impact of the four factors of peanut flavor.

The first point: Peanut oil odor of raw materials on their own
Good oil with good material, it is beyond doubt, peanut oil requirements of full grain, has not been aging period, so that the use of peanut cooking oil press machine when the press can achieve the best results. Immature granulocytes, broken grains, grain mildew and aging can not be used to produce grain becomes fragrant peanut oil. Immature granulocytes and aging grain produced by acid value of oil is high, poor flavor and moldy grain and grain breakage and susceptible to aflatoxin contamination, is not suitable for use peanut cooking oil press machine and then press. Therefore, peanut cooking oil press machine production process, it must be separated from the oil used in the manufacture of ordinary two separate oil.

The second point: the processing of oil is the top priority
Peanut is a technology live, before entering the peanut peanut cooking oil press machine press, peanut moisture control specific gravity and temperature are all directly affect the cause of peanut oil yield and oil odor. Health blanks (road) and hot air roasted material (path) is generally 3: 1 to master. Roasted material ratio is too small, peanut oil lighter flavor; ratio is too large, difficult to mold when oil extraction cake, the oil rate decreased crude oil pollution, to deal with the following process more difficult.
The third point: the temperature is too low or too high oil odor Effect
Hot roasted peanut flavor is a key step in the production of peanut oil flavor generation and roasting temperature are directly related. When peanut cooking oil press machine crushing peanuts, the temperature is too low, lighter flavor; temperature is too high, easy to char, rather than oil. The general control of roasting temperature of 180 ℃ ~ 200 ℃. To prevent the oil lakes and spontaneous, immediately after roasting thermal cooling.

The fourth point: the impact of steaming and roasting link
peanut cooking oil press machine when the press peanut oil, peanut kernels must be steamed fried green fragrant peanut oil production is another important aspect. Peanut oil out of the level, color, flavor, and the phospholipid content of the oil rate and insoluble components are plastic and have a direct relationship steaming and roasting. Water was distilled using high technology blank, the oil in the wok steaming water was adjusted to 12% to 13%; in the case of the pressure device permits to maximize indirect water vapor pressure, generally controlled at 0.6MPa ~ MPa; there business conditions, preferably using superheated steam. In the process of steaming and roasting, make the phospholipids and plastic water-soluble substances fully cohesion and protein binding, it is guaranteed to squeeze peanut cooking oil press machine of refined oil 280 ℃ heating oil products passed the test and improve the transparency of the key.

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