The press features of sunflower seed oil extraction machine

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The press features of sunflower seed oil extraction machine

Gongyi Jintai sunflower seed oil extraction machine is a specialized production of old oil press manufacturers, production of screw press can squeeze peanut, soybean, cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed oil crops, etc., there were just over customers Want to buy a press entrepreneurship but does not know how the press, let Gongyi Jintai sunflower seed oil extraction machine to introduce the next:
Sunflower called Sunflower is one of the world's four major oil crops annual herb, native to North America, Mexico, the main producing countries, Russia, Ukraine, China and so on, our distribution in the three northern regions. Sunflower oil known as "nutritional oils," he said, but requires the removal of the above-mentioned nutrients or after purification can be supplied for human consumption. Sunflower oil in the international market is very popular edible oil, is one of the three major edible oil. Known as "health oil" and "healthy oil" reputation.
Then how does the sunflower seed oil extraction machine work? When sunflower seed oil extraction machine operation has been treated well from the hopper into the virgin oil sunflower bore. Pressed by the screw turn make the material to keep the embryos in advance, be pressed. The sunflower seed oil extraction machine in the parison is carried out in the state of motion in the press of virgin bore, bore in pressing pressure conditions, had a great material between the embryo and the pressing screw, parison and virgin bore frictional resistance between the material so that we can make the embryo micro-friction material, resulting in relative motion. On the other hand, due to the pressing screw root diameter is gradually thickening Park pitch is gradually reduced, so that when the pressing screw is rotated, the threaded hard parison that is able to move forward, but also to turn outward, and close to pressing screw thread as the surface layer material further pressing axis. Such virgin bore in each parison particle velocity is not the same direction, but also exist between particles relative motion. Heat generated by the friction but also to meet the oil extraction process operation necessary calories, help to promote parison thermal denaturation of proteins, damage colloid, increased plasticity, but also reduces the stickiness and some oil to easily precipitate, thus improve the oil yield sunflower seed oil extraction machine, so there is oil squeezed out of feed and discharge slit strip and exhaust flow from the slit garden.
sunflower seed oil extraction machine process characteristics:
1. suitable for shelling, pre-pressing extraction process, which can reduce the amount of oil in the wax, which will help the press
2. If a heat treatment or other technical measures Gaja sulfate detoxification, bleaching to enhance the value of the meal;
3. Shelling seed kernel oil is a high soft oil, suitable for aqueous method (or enzymatic pretreatment of water) preparation of protein and sunflower seed oil;
3.sunflower seed oil extraction machine to extract chlorogenic acid from defatted meal by ethanol promising method remains to be further improved technology to solve the problem of economic calculation.
Sunflower oil is sunflower seed oil extraction machine pressing process is relatively common oil crops, in some oil which he also belongs to the high oil content, if you can follow the normal oil press during pressing, then You can refer to the above points, so the effect will be better. Gongyi Jintai sunflower seed oil extraction machine good quality and high efficiency is your best choice for open oil pressing Square.

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