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cotton oil mill

In the press industry, there are too many types and sizes, but each technology is not the same, not the same crop pressed, the effect is not the same. So customers can select the appropriate according to their press press crops. Today we understand cotton oil mill.
Press into screw press, hydraulic press. Hydraulic press is relatively crop press is relatively simple, generally applicable to the press sesame seeds, sesame oil is also known as machine. So if the majority of customers to squeeze sesame or peanut-based, you can choose hydraulic press. But the former crush peanuts, peanuts should be broken into in the press in the press.
cotton oil mill as a screw press industry leading products, it can squeeze more diverse crops, except cottonseed pressure, there can squeeze rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, mountain tea seed, cocoa beans, olives, corn germ, almonds, rice bran, etc. crops, so customers generally choose cotton oil millscrew press.
Cottonseed is the seed cotton crop. After removal of seed cotton lint, to get cottonseed. Cottonseed outside into a hard brown shell seed, shape and size also varies by species. Seed shell of embryos is a major part of cottonseed, also known as the seed kernel. Seed kernel oil content of up to 35-45%, containing about 39% protein, containing gossypol 0.2% to 2%. cotton oil mill continuous press all oil crops: soybean, peanut, rapeseed, sesame. Brown seeds, sunflower, cottonseed, tung seed, coconut, olive, rice bran, Suzi, palm, corn oil and other sub-Qi.
Use cotton oil mill to give cottonseed oil and cottonseed oil refining centrifugal oil filter, cottonseed oil is generally orange-yellow or brown, fatty acids containing palmitic acid 21.6-24.8%, 1.9-2.4% stearic acid, arachidic acid 0-0.1% 18.0-30.7% oleic acid, linoleic acid 44.9-55.0%, cotton refined edible vegetable oil after clear gossypol and other toxic substances for human consumption. Cotton, edible vegetable oil contains large amounts of essential fatty acids, the most appropriate mixed with animal fat consumption, because the cotton content of edible vegetable oil particularly linoleic acid, can effectively inhibit the rise in blood cholesterol, maintain human health. The body's absorption of cotton, edible vegetable oil absorption rate of 98%.


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