Peanut oil expeller machinery common trouble

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oil expeller machinery

Sometimes the peanut oil expeller machinery can’t work normally and something go wrong. In order to let the operator know the common trouble with the oil expeller machine, today our engineer will introduce some new knowledge to you.
A. Peanut oil expeller machinery screw shaft jammed how to do?
In everyday use peanut oil expeller machinery when there may be a screw shaft suddenly stuck situation. What is it that the screw shaft is stuck causes and treatment? Gongyi Jintai take you to find out.
Peanut oil expeller machinery jammed screw shaft causes roughly five points:
1. charging too fast, sudden load increase.
2. Oil the crust too dry and more large resistance produced.
3. Circle the cake is not smooth, the gap is too small cake mouth.
4. The body temperature low.
5. The fuel oil with a hard object pressed into the bore.
Peanut oil expeller machinery corresponding Remedy
1. immediately shut down, remove the pressed cake residue within the bore.
2. Remove the hard shell, adjust the moisture of oil.
3. Adjust the cake mouth gap, and smooth out the cake circle.
4. improve the body temperature.
5. took a hard object and pressing cake residue within the bore.
B. Article advantage of press row
If peanut oil expeller machinery screw shaft still stuck, you can contact the press manufacturer for repair process.
Peanut oil expeller machinery now there are two, one is the old-fashioned round row A row is a new article, many of my friends do not know this, after all, feel more professional point of fact, these two models are well-resolved. Vintage round in row peanut oil expeller machinery feed port in pressing screw powered front row of strip-like feed openings in the press pressing screw powered backend.
Article row peanut oil expeller machinery inlet at the rear end, the advantages: not easy to slag, good operation, round row inlet at the front end. Round row virgin bore is cylindrical, and the article row by pressing bore a root strip cage bars densely distributed.
From peanut oil expeller machinery itself, the main bore is pressing pressure and pressing temperature bore. Vintage round drain oil line press gap is 150 wire, to take a large amount of slag, reduce virgin bore pressure, lower oil yield, we Gongyi Jintai peanut oil expeller machinery using bar row, small oil line clearance, greatly reducing the risk of slag, improve virgin bore pressure and improve the oil yield. Gongyi Jintai peanut oil expeller machinery, superior design, quality assurance.

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