How to distinguish the quality of oil extraction equipment?

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oil extraction equipment

How to distinguish the quality of oil extraction equipment? Now the market is chaotic, many businesses turn charged, many consumers deceived, how to prevent this from happening? The large number of consumers to buy oil extraction equipment, look for the regular manufacturers, service guaranteed, a problem can be resolved promptly. How to tell oil extraction equipment is good or bad, let's take a look at it!
First, you want to look at before buying oil extraction equipment size of the company, the entity is not a company, customers in the purchase of equipment oil extraction equipment detours to avoid economic losses. Before providing on-site installation services, the company will send personnel to participate in professional and technical services and guidance to box inspection, installation, commissioning work, oil extraction equipment normal operation of equipment, and provide technical training services. And when the manufacturers signed the purchase contract, should carefully read the terms of the contract, if there are omissions should be added in order to avoid unnecessary economic disputes after signing the contract
Second, shop around, in the normal principles of good quality oil press when customers purchase price will not be cheap, you can not buy cheaper equipment, no good goods cheaper.
Third, to give optional talk about the quality of people, most of them are small and medium scale manufacturers oil extraction equipment, also tend to mature technology stage, the product quality is also uneven press.
Fourth, Seeing is believing, we must witness oil extraction equipment workshop equipment. If the conditions can allow manufacturers to lead them to customers for visiting the production site, because users talk live is the most authoritative, the most convincing.
oil extraction equipment Features
1. Energy - the same electrical power output reduced by 40%, saving an average of 6 kWh per hour
2. labor - labor savings equivalent to 60% yield, 1-2 people can organize production
3. wide use - a machine can be pressed peanut, flax, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybeans and other 30 kinds of oil crops. Multi-stage press, a virgin net.
4. pure oil - vacuum filtration residue to protect the oil clean


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