Small type oil expeller machine changes people’s life

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oil expeller machine

Waste oil, soil mixed oil, because of serious harm to people's health caused by the whole society to oil security. Small type oil expeller machine operation simple and convenient, food safety and health, in line with the current small family size, with less used with the pressing demands.
Small type oil expeller machine to squeeze fresh good quality, I am in the new historical impetus to develop the latest equipment, continuous reform and innovation, change has not the same, the new oil expeller machine is now used more often a press oil equipment, this oil expeller machine with continuous processing capacity, dynamic press time is short, the oil is high, and low labor intensity, for the current market appeared frequently waste oil, swill oil, oil saliva, false oil, toxic oil, expired oil serious harm everyone health, more and more people to choose their own small-scale production equipment for the production of a better life.
Starting bid farewell waste oil Today, we visited yesterday, a small oil mill, which is using small type oil expeller machine. Small type oil expeller machine almighty press, a machine. Can be pressed peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame, tea seed, tung seed, castor, almond, linseed, safflower oilseeds and other oil crops.
Small type oil expeller machine adds Broiling virgin bore and raised automatic control function, changed the traditional dry cake grinding virgin warming way to make preparatory work time shortened, reducing energy consumption and machine wear and prolong the life of the machine. If intermittent production, pressing bore can also automatically insulation; advancing multi-stage pressure and vacuum filtration system to improve the efficiency of oil extraction and oil quality.
Small type oil expeller machine brings together the most advanced oil extraction machinery manufacturing process, all the national standard steel and spare parts, the design of compact, heavy and stable, easy to install, durable, nice features that other ordinary life press three times or more.
Small type oil expeller machine one-button control, simple and easy; low speed high torque DC motor, a slight noise, and rest was delicious; modular components, split design, easy to dismantle components washable. Small type oil expeller machine suitable for small and medium sized manufacturers use, can be used in exchange for low-input high return, the reason is simple small oil press structure, small footprint.
Small type oil expeller machine, reason why there is such a large market, saying that the quality of oil is inextricably linked, retained within the oil rich in nutrients, no chemical solvent pollution, does not contain any chemical preservative antioxidant, squeezed now take the other unique advantages, product safety, purity, nutrition, delicious, peanut oil zinc content is many times more oil, although many ways zinc, but oil is a supplement of daily necessary, it is particularly suitable for edible peanut oil Volkswagen zinc, additionally contains anti-aging ingredients, can delay brain aging effect, it is really in line with contemporary standards of people, which gives us a motivation for customers to produce more good products, improve the quality of people's lives, change people's lives.

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