Where Oil press machine is special in?

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Where Oil press machine is special in?

Oil presser machine is designed specifically for cold-pressed oil press produced, on the basis of ordinary press fitted with automatic feeding device, automatic powder device, forced feeding device. To achieve a fully automated oilpresser cold-pressed, cold-pressed oil press requires two times before you can put the oil in the oil pressing the net, so the first pass squeeze the cake is pressed again to return to the. This product automatically cake crushing, hoisting automatic feeding, automatic back-pressed, saving human resources, high degree of automation, one person can operate.
Jintai automatic screw oil presser machine by mechanical pressure so that oil is separated from the oil, the extrusion, this method is natural pollution-free, is authentic head and said virgin oil, to protect rich in vitamin E (antioxidant, aging ), lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids and various nutrients, high concentrations of oil, use 1/2 the amount of just ordinary oil, to "eat less oil, eat oil" fundamentally healthy purpose.
Oil presser machine processing model can be designed for farmers processing oil, paid a processing fee, which is zero risk, the fastest effective mode of operation, it is employed for most users. In an example rapeseed processing, processing fees 0.7 yuan / kg, 1000 kg per day as processing income for 2000 pounds * 0.7 yuan / kg = 1400 yuan, minus the fixed costs 180 (artificial + electricity + rent) yuan, net profit for the 1220 yuan, the annual net profit of up to $ 300,000.
Oil presser machine of oil pressing Square will allow consumers to witness the whole process of oil extraction. Seductive fragrance with a strong smell, looking crystal pure oil, allowing users to rest assured buy fragrance overflowing, natural and healthy vegetable oils. Fresh, pure vegetable oil is indispensable people three meals a day consumables, the first to start a local oil pressing Square, to retail, wholesale, further processing, is bound to start a, a popular, especially for individuals, laid-off workers, unemployed youth, unemployed women, long-term management retirees.
Oil presser machine may run oil pressing Square, flexible modes of operation: to processing, processing fees charged; the oil can start small supermarket, squeezed and sold; wholesale and retail, factory shop-stop operation; can also create their own brands, Create your own oil company. Now oil prices rose sharply, climbing Bibi, offering edible oil factory, seize opportunities, career and wealth easily available. Run oil pressing Square, JINTAI oil presser machine, sesame oil hydraulic machine, choose a modern oil extraction machinery, success is bound to your career!

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