Jintai oil extractor machine detailed introduction

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oil extractor machine

JINTAI oil extractor machine Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to professional research and development and production of consumer and commercial manufacturing automatic oil extractor machine, oil extractor machine series of products now available a variety of models, and has auxiliary equipment. The company's products are designed, durable, selected materials, aesthetic appearance, reliable quality, simple operation, labor saving, the oil is high, good quality oil, residual oil rate and other functions.
oil extractor machine composite multi-stage press improved oil yield and the use of automatic temperature control heating thermostat, configure automatic filtering device, ideal for small to flow squeezed now selling business model. oil extractor machine made of high quality materials produced by processing, its advanced processing technology greatly improves the oil yield. oil extractor machine Green, processed soy sesame seed peanut rapeseed cottonseed oil, etc. was done, according to personal taste manufacture. oil extractor machine small medium and large variety of options available to consumers, the price is reasonable quality continuous operation, greatly improving the interests of operators.
oil extractor machine mainly by electrical control, automatic heating, adjust the transmission and vacuum oil filter and other components. Pressing bolts alloy steel carburized enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance; row by pressing surface grinder grinding, oil lines to ensure accuracy, improve the oil yield; distribution, vacuum, automatic heating and other standard components, the choice of well-known brand, optimize the machine configuration; surface of the machine made of stainless steel and chrome plated
oil extractor machine comparative advantage
One advantage: Configure high.
Two advantages: the oil is high.
Three advantages: versatile, can be pressed peanut, sesame, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower and other oil crops two dozen.
Service commitment:
1, the service aim: rapid, decisive, accurate, thorough
2, the service objectives: service quality to win customer satisfaction
3, the service principles: product warranty period of twelve months, during the warranty period the supplier will repair and replacement parts are quality causes damage, damage to parts of the warranty period, provided the parts only cost fee, by the demand side equipment damage caused by human factors, supplier to provide accessories are carried at cost price of dollars.


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