Oil pressing machine instructions

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oil pressing machine

Jintai oil pressing machine product company produced the oil press, divided into traditional (old) and new oil press. Because of different geography, culture, customs and economic level of each country, we have the characteristics of different countries and regions, manufacturing press for all countries use. Today, as we introduce the use of oil pressing machine.
1.First,oil pressing machineyou must read the instruction manual, are familiar with the performance characteristics and method of operation of the machine.
2.Second,oil pressing machine power must conduct a comprehensive inspection, not loose fasteners, handle rotation flexibility, hand rotating pulley, all parts should be normal operation, no abnormal sound, then filling in the reducer 30 # oil.
3.Oil pressing machine loosen the lock nut, turn the adjustment screw (adjustment handle counterclockwise rotation, the cake space narrowing, the adjustment handle clockwise, the gap widened cake) so squeezed tight against the cone snails a cone cake circle, and then the adjustment screw clockwise (spin out 3-5 laps), then tighten the nut, ready to boot.
4.Oil pressing machine machine connected three-phase four-wire power supply, the power is turned on, the spindle should rotate counterclockwise, in any circumstances, the machine must have a good grounding device, or can not boot.
5.Oil pressing machine control meters and instruments transferred to press the desired temperature 120 ℃ -180 ℃ (according to oil may be) open to host the heating switch position heating, heating up the machine, then the green light on the temperature controller, red light is off, when the engine temperature rises to a set temperature, and put out the red light green light, the temperature of the machine is automatically controlled and maintained at the set temperature, low winter temperatures, the heating switch open position to host all heating, temperature of the oil pan, easy oil left.
6.Oil pressing machine by pressing the main motor button (the host switch to a positive open position) host starts operation, the direction of rotation shall be counter-clockwise.
7. The new oil pressing machine after installation 4-8 hours grinding pressing, method is to use the oil has been drained cake material from the hopper fed slowly, back pressed repeatedly to make virgin bore polishing, remember not to squeeze began to grind feed directly into the hopper, and the feed is appropriate to clutch to prevent pressing screw shaft stuck. Feeding excessive, abnormal noise or pressing screw shaft stuck in the virgin bore should immediately stop, eliminate obstruction, or re-assembly after a good start grinding pressing, non-forcible trailer.
8.Oil pressing machine when normal oil, feed must be uniform, not too little or too much material off idle. At this point the machine load normal, smooth, rhythmic sound. The cake smooth, low-voltage segment substantially no residue, a small amount of diesel high-pressure section, but the proportion of slag in oil is not more than 9% virgin bore a temperature up to 150-200 ℃, the cake should be smoke coming out through the mouth shroud discharged from the smoke pipe. Squeeze the hot cake to spread out in time, do not rush to play the heap or shipped, or will cause natural phenomena. When continuous long working hours, machine temperature is too high, the fans should take hair and other cooling measures.
9.Oil pressing machine when squeezing out the oil into the filter above, press the button pump, vacuum pump starts running, the air inside the filter was extracted, the oil filter is formed in the pressure barrel, oil above naturally pumped into the oil filter, and diesel are isolated in the cloth top, squeezing until completed, after the oil is smoked, open the valve on the oil filter, vacuum pump stops running, the formation of dry residue on the cloth using a knife, scrape, We can put pure oil at the bottom of the valve within the filter release.
10.Oil pressing machine downtime. Stop before stop feeding, then put a small amount of bread crumbs, drained more than expected within the bore to be squeezed out of the cake before the cake mouth no longer stop. After a stop adjustment screw clockwise circle 1-3, disconnect the power.

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