oil extracting machine structure and features

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oil extracting machine

oil extracting machine with automatic control of heating, oil extraction, filtering and other functions, in the press before the oil extracting machine-squeezed bore were heated up to improve the oil yield, while in the press during the course of crude oil promptly filtered. oil extracting machine can squeeze: rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, linseed, palm, coconut, olive, castor, Su seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, rice bran, corn germ, walnuts, almonds, evening primrose, camellia , pine nuts, animal skin, clay and other oil crops. oil extracting machine has the advantage that a stand-alone electricity is very small, covering only a few square meters, and can be connected with the computer controller, automated production.
oil extracting machine design scientific, rational structure, easy to operate, safe and stable, fully automated apparatus to expect from the finished a few minutes to complete. High carbon steel, the high-frequency quenching, heat treatment is made, high hardness, strength, wear resistance, high temperature and pressure to adapt to continuous operation, improve the service life of the press, the use of time up to several decades Long.
oil extracting machine Features
1, the oil rate: directional pressure, multi-stage propulsion, a virgin net oil yield increased substantially.
2, production capacity: strengthening feed system, increasing forward speed, improve work efficiency.
3, automatic temperature control: EPC, scientific heating, automatic temperature control of the press.
4, automatic oil filter: the use of the principle of negative pressure air, vacuum streaming technology, built-in vacuum shunt, oil, slag effective separation.
5, safe and convenient: compact structure, occupy less space; transmission fully enclosed protective, easy to operate security.
6, nice: machine table using new materials made of electrostatic spray, strong adhesion, resistance to greasy, high temperature. Not only beautiful, but also easy to clean, to ensure hygiene.
7, durable: high quality and wear-resistant steel castings science with fatigue, stable performance, ensure that the equipment can be long-term continuous operation, and durable.
Currently, oil equipment market is extremely competitive, although this product in the market before the development of seven or eight years, but with the rapid pace of development, the technology has matured. In this market, a lot of oil extraction equipment manufacturers want to occupy a certain share of the market, so have to constantly develop new markets, we JINTAI machinery is not far behind, trying to expand their market.


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