How to clean the groundnut oil expeller plant?

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oil expeller plant

What is groundnut oil expeller plant?
Gongyi Jintai series groundnut oil expeller plant, is the introduction of Korean technology and developed with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Institute of Cereals, a new generation of energy-efficient oil extraction equipment, in line with the Ministry of Agriculture agricultural screw press Technical conditions and standards, and its processing oil authentic, pure fidelity, is to create a "modern oil mill," the best choice.
How does the groundnut oil expeller plant work?
1. Be sure to read before the instructions carefully before using the familiar performance characteristics and method of operation of the groundnut oil expeller machine.
2. Prior boot, must conduct a comprehensive inspection, not loose fasteners, handle rotation flexibility, hand rotating pulley, all parts should be normal operation, no abnormal noise. Then fill in the access speed of 20 mechanical oil tank.
3. loosen the lock nut, turn the adjustment screw so tightly pressed against the cone snail mouth cake cone, then the adjustment screw clockwise 2-3mm, then tighten the lock nut, ready to boot .
4. peanut oil press to open the electrical box door, switch on the power switch inside the place in an open position, that the machine power is turned on.
How to clean the groundnut oil expeller plant?
The groundnut oil expeller plant is peanut oil press machine, is now using the popular press equipment. We Gongyi Jintai groundnut oil expeller plant good quality, excellent performance, has been very popular with customers of all ages. A customer in consultation groundnut oil expeller plant After a long press, press both internal and external scrap and grease deposits should be how to clean, in order to better serve our customers, we will summarize the following several cleaning problems for the press today ways for our customers reference:
    (1) groundnut oil outside the oil and dirt expeller plant, we can use specialized cleansers, after washing to dry in time to complete the press housing, to prevent rust.
    (2) For newly generated near grease, water can be used for cleaning, it is recommended to use water to clean, so not only can be cleansed of grease, you can also flush out residual material within the press, the operation is simple and safe.
    (3) For some long attachment grunge, only clean water is difficult to achieve the cleaning effect, and this time is necessary to use special cleaning agents, but with detergent, they still groundnut oil expeller plant with water carefully wash avoid residual detergent.

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