The feature of cold press oil press machine

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cold press oil press machine

cold press oil press machine  refers to the oil-bearing crops is below 60 ℃ environment by a double screw press from the press. Usually less than cold press oil press machine  processed at 60 ℃ environment, oil crops completely retained nutrients.
Cold-pressed oil press - works:
The use of virgin cage two opposing pressing force generated by the feed screw shaft embryo oil squeezed out into the press material from the embryo to the entire process of oil extraction cake is continuously carried out.
cold press oil press machine  - to adapt crops:
General materials: oil seed, peanuts, tea, sunflower, cottonseed, walnut and other cold or at room temperature pressing.
Special materials: linseed, perilla seeds, amaranth seeds month, rubber seeds, almonds and pepper seeds and other cold or at room temperature pressing.
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people of all ages in terms of edible oil cold pressed. cold press oil press machine  is in front of the press without heating oil or low temperature state, press the press away. The oil extracted low temperature, acid value is low, generally do not need refining, after precipitation and filtration to obtain refined oil.
Cold pressed with a pure natural characteristics, to avoid the adverse effects of traditional high-temperature oil extraction process produces. Cold-pressed refined oil retained in the oil's natural flavor and color, complete preservation of the oil physiologically active substances (vitamin E has anti-aging function, sterols having healthy skin function and enhance the body's metabolic function), cold pressed authentic, It is to choose a healthy lifestyle.
But part of the oil is not suitable for cold press oil press machine , cottonseed, peanuts, sesame seeds, for example, the toxin gossypol in cottonseed oil and oil deterioration of aflatoxin, etc., must be refined in order to be removed. And the smell of fragrant peanut oil and sesame oil, and must go through to get hot pressing process.
cold press oil press machine Features: 1, cold pressed oil light color, nutrient-rich, sediment filter can be obtained through natural oil, refining cost savings, reduce consumption of refining. 2, a small degree of protein damage cold pressed cake, help make full use of oil protein. 3, the pressing temperature is low. 4, a small oil press process is not in contact with any solvents, acids, alkalis, bleaching earth, chemical additives, processed oil and meal nutrients and trace elements loss, high protein meal.


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