Why the oil yield of the small oil making expeller machine is low?

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Many customer don’t know why the small oil making expeller machine has a lower oil yield. And they even think that our small oil press machine is not of high quality. However, there are many factors that can influence the oil yield of the oil pressing machine.
Now small oil market making expeller machine and are based on the principle of screw extrusion, this design is to be able to produce more oil to improve oil yield, but sometimes we in the process of oil extraction oil rate will be unstable phenomenon, how should this happen when how to solve it? Now Gongyi Jintai oil making machine manufacturer is going to support the recipe for you.
The first matter may be the temperature of the small oil making expeller machine when it works, the press we usually different raw materials, equipment temperature requirements are different, such as rapeseed, its set temperature should be between 130-150 degrees, the temperature is low at the situation there will be a oil ratio is not enough, that we need to pay attention to operational aspects. Another speculation is expected, this should strictly follow the instructions requirements, to strictly enforced to prevent Stir ingredients did not meet the requirements of the equipment.
None of these problems, it is that small oil making expeller machine own problems, and this time we will observe several aspects, one is the first case when oil extraction feed, and the cake case, if there is a carry material more slowly, or a shapeless cake, it is necessary to check the press screw for wear, and if there is a case of press screw wear, when we extract oil in virgin raw materials do not form a certain pressure inside the chamber, and therefore the there will be some impact on oil yield.
Taking these points, we have the problem dealt with later, when oil extraction would not be a case where a low oil. Gongyi Jintai small oil making expeller machine is the result of many years of successful development of the small oil making expeller machine, this press equipment has high rate of oil production, the oil clean, equipment in good condition is characterized by continuous operation, we produce centrifugal oil filter after 2-3 minutes of operation it can make 70 pounds of gross national secondary standard oil filter into the oil, for your business development, and development of small oil making expeller machine has brought the most reliable protection.

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