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seed oil extraction

multi-stage seed oil extraction, increasing the pressure point, multi-level to promote and strengthen the degree of crushing of raw materials, improve the oil yield seed oil extraction, at the same time, speed up productivity. Spiral automatic seed oil extraction is not a single product, there are several types of products (automatic spiral seed oil extraction, hydraulic automatic seed oil extraction, mobile automatic seed oil extraction, highly efficient oil filter, Broiling, etc.) for investors to choose, fully meet the different strength preference different investment needs of investors.
Automatic seed oil extraction for all kinds of oil press method:
1, sesame seeds: sesame fry before the juice into the light gray, burst phenomenon, there Yong Shounie sesame oil outflow. When Broiling fierce speculation with the fire, the temperature of 120-150 degrees Celsius, O.7-1.5 mm thick cake, fried seeds suitable temperature, oil extraction process smooth, sesame oil substantially free of residue, as long shape cake, drain again.
2, rapeseed: Because raw water varies from north to south, before the northern fried rapeseed 4-6% water, the South do not add water (according to the material itself, the water may be), first with the fire fierce Scoop rapeseed hot start until the sound of bursting, sub-low heat fry rapeseed brownish red, Broiling process can not add water, when pressed into rapeseed temperature 120-130 degrees, about 1-1.5% water. Broiling suitable temperature, the flow of oil cake smooth, almost no oil residue. Cake thickness l-1.5 mm, was small pieces, brown-red.
3, peanuts: Before Broiling the peanuts soaked again, Broiling process should also add the right amount of water to make peanut maintain good moisture and sufficient flexibility, the eight mature Scoop peanuts, peanut Yong Shounie , peanuts can be broken into two into juice, cake thick O.7mm, cake-like elongated wrinkles. Oil smoothly.
4, cotton seed: the former pressing cottonseed will fry yellow, a temperature of 120 to 130 degrees, cake thick 1-1.5mm (south, north of varying moisture content, moisture adequate grasp).
5, soybeans: before bursting into juice fry temperature 120-130 degrees, cake thick O.7mm. Drain again, but again drained cake material had burnt to a great loss of protein. Generally use the technology approach twice the drain. Soybean fry six or seven mature into juice temperature 80-100 ° C, moisture 5-6%, the first pass cake thickness 1.52mm, the second time cake thick O.7mm, cake is elongated ridging, the oil is high, the processing quantity.


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