What are the small oil making equipment advantages?

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small oil making equipment

Small oil making equipment is the earliest development of automatic oil press machine set heating oil, for one, fully automatic operation, the raw material into the crushing machine can be simple and convenient, improve work efficiency. Oil roasted, into the breech oil, crude oil filter, etc. have strict temperature requirements.
Small oil making equipment equipped with unique automatic temperature control system, making it easier to operate, a higher degree of automation. JINTAI specializing in the production of household small oil making equipment manufacturers of professional, strong technical force, strict compliance with equality and mutual benefit, the customer comes first, the principle of credibility, quality and development, pragmatic innovation, warmly welcome to establish good relations of cooperation with all the friends and seek common development, in order to enable every household to eat on the assured, pure edible oil to meet market demand, small oil making equipment automatic temperature control, three pressing, the oil is high, pure color, can be pressed: peanut, sesame, rapeseed seeds, flax, sunflower seeds and other small-scale multi-functional oil press. This machine is the introduction of Korean technology, high degree of automation, simple operation, stable quality, can flow in the city, residential area of town, supermarkets, car squeezed and sold two-phase oil press.
Small oil making equipment is simple and convenient, by vacuum filtration, automatic temperature control function. Good quality oil out of the product. Fragrant taste, the oil rate is still high. small oil making equipment in urban areas do live processing, so that seems to produce more transparent and give customers more confidence. Almost all oil crops able to squeeze through a small press. Including peanut, soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, walnut, cottonseed, and so on. Especially peanut oil and sesame oil, because the price is more expensive. There are often false and oil extraction on the market, bad for your health, so comparison site processing business methods to meet the genuine attention to the needs of users. Now is the main way to use in urban areas.
Small oil making equipment increases the pressure point, multi-level to promote and strengthen the degree of crushing of raw materials, improve the oil yield, while accelerating productivity. Unique groove design, easier oil outflow from the hardware to further improve the oil yield. Fine filter system using a variety of means to achieve a true sense of the virgin filter integration, improve the automation of press, completely solve the problem of oil purification.
Small oil making equipment parts face a drawn molding press, and automatic precision grinding to improve the machining accuracy and finish the press system, users purchase, simply try to squeeze into normal production. Adjust the feed system, made creative technological innovation on the screw, the feed significantly faster production volume increased significantly.

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