Physical method to get cooking oil by cooking oil extractor equipment

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Cooking oil has many types such as sesame oil, peanut oil, and so on. Gongyi Jintai is mainly major in the export of cooking oil extractor equipment. And this type cooking oil extractor machine press oil crops by physical method and it’s more healthy. Meanwhile, this type new cooking oil press machine is used for more than 30 kinds of oil crops, for example, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, flax seeds, palm kernel, coconut, soybean, sesame, peanut and so on.
Sesame seeds contain a lot of fat, have a good laxative effect outside peanut thin layer of red on the human body has many benefits. Peanut cooking oil extractor equipment, experts say, is recognized as the world's peanut healthy food in our country are peanuts considered one of the "Top ten longevity food." Chinese medicine is to reconcile the efficacy of peanut spleen and stomach, blood hemostasis, blood pressure lowering. The "blood hemostasis" role is mainly that the outer layer of peanut red credit.
Cooking oil extractor equipment by physical compression method is the raw material crushing, steaming and roasting, extrusion, so that oil directly from oil decomposition, and leaching to produce edible oil, residual chemical composition is very low, it does not have any health influences. Gongyi Jintai new plant and office building construction has been completed, other related facilities are perfect. And we plan to introduce advanced fried peanuts, spiced peanuts, vinegar foam peanuts and other production lines and related facilities. Wherein: screening, peeling, frying three production lines have been installed and tested, the processing capacity of up to 80 tons. It is expected to officially put into operation in October this year.
Our cooking oil extractor equipment edible oil basically take the press or leaching method of production, then what kind of oil is more beneficial to human health? The production process can not determine the quality of the oil, the main difference between the press oil and oil extraction that cooking oil extractor equipment different production process: cooking oil extractor equipment processing technology is a physical compression, oil extraction and chemical leaching.
We gongyi jintai always been the spirit of "professionalism, objectivity, innovation" business philosophy, adhere to the "quality first, credit first," the purpose of providing quality products and services for the majority of users, cooking oil extractor equipment "quality of survival, customer-focused, to manage for efficiency, to market and development "is our operating principle, we hope that mutual benefits and common development on the basis of full cooperation with all friends, and jointly create a better future!

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