Know cold pressed oil to know what a cold oil extractor

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cold oil extractor

Cold pressed oil is a former press without heating or low temperature state, press into the press. And cold oil extractor is without going through the oil pan fry, you can extract oil machines. cold oil extractor squeeze lower oil temperature, the acid value is lower, generally do not need refining, after precipitation and filtration to obtain refined oil. With respect to the hot residue, cold oil extractor has the natural characteristics, to avoid the adverse effects of traditional high-temperature oil extraction process produces. Finished oil retains the natural flavor and color of the oil, the oil in the complete preservation of physiologically active substances (vitamin E has anti-aging function, sterols having healthy skin function and enhance the body's metabolic function), cold pressed authentic, healthy life.
But, despite cold pressed nutrients it is fully protected, but most of the oil is not suitable for cold pressing. Soybean, high erucic acid rapeseed, cottonseed, peanuts, sesame seeds, for example, beany soybean oil contained the toxin gossypol in cottonseed oil and oil deterioration of aflatoxin, etc., must be refined in order to be removed. And the smell of fragrant peanut oil and sesame oil, and must go through to get hot pressing process. cold oil extractor pre-production of raw materials must be selected, otherwise, due to the different maturity and raw materials contained hazardous substances: the impact (such as mildew and oil aflatoxin toxin gossypol in cottonseed), the cold will a serious impact on the quality of oil extraction. In addition, a low smoke point cold oil extractor, moisture unstable, is not conducive to long-term storage. cold oil extractor is generally required after crushing the oil to go up, and sometimes have to press twice, three times the press. Cold squeeze oil color is good, relatively pale, fragrant but not greasy, do not get angry. The key is cold-pressed oil in deep-fried things when not frothing, silt pot is not its advantages.
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