Do you know automatic oil presser machine well?

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oil presser machine

What is automatic oil presser machine?
Gongyi Jintai automatic oil presser machine is an oil presser machine, mainly used for processing individual home oil press. Our automatic oil presser machine not yield, but simple and convenient. Now the main products are screw type oil presser machine. There are also cold-pressed screw type oil presser machine, relatively inexpensive, but the oil is not high. As hot as automatic oil presser machine, the technical is from south Korea before 10 years, using high pressure hydraulic system, the pressure on the cake reaches 45MP or more single-phase and three-phase power supply can be used, by vacuum filtration automatic temperature control function. Good quality oil out of the product. Fragrant taste, the oil rate is still high. Now mainly used in rural areas to do the processing.
Do you know the automatic oil presser machine working principle?
When automatic oil presser machine running, good fuel processed from the hopper into the pressing bore. Pressed by the screw turn make the material to keep the embryos in advance, be pressed. Since the parison in the press bore is squeezed in the state of motion, pressing bore under high pressure conditions, resulting in a lot of friction between the material and the pressing screw embryos, embryos and virgin material bore, thus make friction, resulting in relative movement between the micro-parison material. On the other hand, due to the pressing screw root diameter is gradually thickening Park pitch is gradually reduced, so that when the pressing screw is rotated, the threaded hard parison that is able to move forward, but also to turn outward, and close to pressing screw thread as the surface layer material further pressing axis. Such virgin bore in each parison particle velocity is not the same direction, but also exist between particles relative motion. Heat generated by the friction but also to meet the oil extraction process operation necessary calories, help to promote parison thermal denaturation of proteins, damage colloid, increased plasticity, but also reduces the stickiness and some oil to easily precipitate, thus improve the oil yield automatic oil presser machine, so there is oil squeezed out of feed and discharge slit strip and exhaust flow from the slit garden.
How to install the automatic oil presser machine?
automatic oil presser machine before installation, respond to the new press purchase of a thorough clean-up. Out of the spindle, lifted the squeeze cage, the outer surface with emery cloth pressing screw, an inner surface and screw feeder polished smooth. All the lubrication lubrication, gearbox oil added, the species and grades shall conform to the requirements of the instructions. After sanding smooth circular row, when installed must be arranged according to the original location, not misplaced, because the circular rows of arrangement positions and order of performance for oil extraction great relationship. After the round with a row of installed compression nut pressed, the degree of compaction to disk when oil extraction can squirm appropriate. Press equipment after the above process, it can be fixed with anchor bolts on the foundation. When installed, the motor and pulley should be automatic oil presser machine pulley alignment, the position of moderate, correct direction of rotation, the tightness of the belt should be adjusted appropriately.

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