How is the market situation of peanut oil pressing machine?

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Peanut oil pressing machine, some called screw type oil pressing machine, is one of the most advanced oil pressing machine in the world. Gongyi Jintai spiral type peanut oil pressing machine mainly is divided into two parts and the hydraulic pressing chamber. Its work is done by high pressure in the peanut oil squeezed out. Then after vacuum filtration. Relatively clean after the oil out. Screw press oil-bearing crops by mechanical pressure at high pressure oil portion is extruded. And thus play the purpose of oil extraction.
Among the many manufacturers in peanut oil pressing machine, Gongyi Jintai machinery that competition be fierce, we must continue to promote their own to go to a higher level of development, one of which is ignored by many manufacturers is to support human resource issues. In peanut oil pressing machine to improve each process, the need to have a certain skill set to change it, so Gongyi Jintai machinery attaches great importance to human resources team building. On the one hand, focus on technology research and development to enhance the ability to press; in addition, but also to strengthen the construction team culture, enhance the integration of research and development capabilities; the same time, it is important to continuously upgrade the technical skills of workers, as long as the master of the skills and practical We would like to combine the theory, in order to develop a more rational peanut oil pressing machine equipment. So, on this point Gongyi Jintai machinery constantly upgrading, more humane management for these employees to maximize the initiative.
In the current economic downturn and market competition environment deteriorating the moment, China's peanut oil pressing machine this traditional industry is facing death in the face, excess capacity price war between manufacturers and the press, forcing the manufacturers want to get further development and enterprises in order to save the development of the industry press.
1. promote the transformation and upgrading of peanut oil pressing machine technology industry. Improve their core competitiveness and technological level, the promotion of traditional thinking to a higher level, but also more high-end devices to the press direction, jumped from low value to high value, and gradually achieve from imitation - Manufacturing - - creation.
2. Promoting peanut oil pressing machine Information Development. Enhancement of information technology in full swing peanut oil pressing machine promotional efforts, while strengthening communication between enterprises, and continue to promote the new information in order to improve the promotion and development of peanut oil pressing machine.
3. Promoting peanut oil pressing machine factory management innovation. In fine management, science, environmental protection, active service into the direction of development, promoting e-marketing services, to promote more rational development of enterprises.

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