Sales oil press to understand the needs of oil extraction plant

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oil extraction plant


Sell oil press, we need to slowly and oil extraction plant communication, understanding the need for oil extraction plant number of auxiliary machinery, such as vacuum oil, Broiling, centrifugal oil filter. Now our lives edible oil, a lot of people are concerned about. Today's social development is very valued efficiency and quality, a good quality of life, we must have a good oil press equipment.
Correct understanding to achieve the desired effect of oil extraction plant, we do need to think about the oil press business, to meet customer needs, to buy the oil is high, long life, long-term wear accessories without replacement parts, since now people increasingly high demand for edible oil, buy more to pay attention to supporting the process, be sure to select the advanced equipment, oil processing some better. Squeezing oil retained within the oil rich in nutrients, no chemical solvent pollution, does not contain any chemical preservative antioxidant, to ensure product safety, purity, nutrition, delicious, became a generation of healthy oil that oil extraction plant now produce soybean oil, peanut oil, oil seeds has become a major oil life.
In addition - profit, oil extraction plant is required. Henan JINTAI machinery in response to customer demand production of oil press equipment, manufacture different models for different customer groups, the size of the type of equipment to meet all kinds of medium and small-volume production of crop oil extraction and processing, advanced equipment, quality assurance, long life, maintenance rate. And the average rate of higher than normal oil press about 4% lower than the average energy consumption 35% lower average oil press, productivity average about 20% higher than the average oil press. In addition, I can design and produce the program, mode of operation, our factory from the most basic understanding of customer operations using real for the sake of customers, from production to sales of one-stop service, zero-risk investment.


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