How to use seed oil extractor equipment in summer day?

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seed oil extractor

Gongyi Jintai seed oil extractor equipment is a new multi-purpose press can be used to squeeze more than 30 kinds of oil crops. Our seed oil extractor equipment market is vast, quality and security, is the best choice to purchase oil press equipment.
Now in May, the weather is slowly getting hot in many countries such as India, the temperature has reached 40 degrees. So, in this hot summer, we should be how to use seed oil extractor equipment in order to make the machine safe over the summer it? Gongyi Jintai Today we will introduce this knowledge.
First, we need to know exactly, seed oil extractor equipment using the process, we must pay attention to temperature control problems. We illustrate. We know that the summer weather is hot, the temperature is high, our seed oil extractor equipment, although work in the room, but even the indoor temperature is too high, it will also affect the normal use of our machines. This means that equipment working in seed oil extractor, the machine itself will also affect the temperature level of its normal work. Such as India, is now under Indian weather is normally 40 degrees, we follow temperature standard of 40 degrees is the case, our seed oil extractor equipment under normal operating conditions, pressing bolts of the machine is rotating at high speed, so pressing the bore is certainly high temperature, coupled with our seed oil extractor equipment heater, so doing press work properly when the temperature in the summer to reach more than 200 degrees, the machine has been running at a high temperature, this the machine itself is very good. Excessive temperatures also make excessive heating oil crops, can cause the color black cake, or cakes cooked at high temperature, which is the temperature of the impact on the seed oil extractor.
So, with the advancement of technology development, technology, and our seed oil extractor equipment is also in constant progress and innovation. How to solve this problem?
1. We know that we are in the press work indoors, then we can turn on the air at work, adjust the indoor temperature. The advantage of this is that we can effectively avoid the oil press cake quality, will not let the machine has been working at high temperatures, can reduce the temperature of the chamber pressing growth virgin bore life. Moreover, open air work also gives the operator benefits, avoiding the operator has been working at high temperatures.
2. If you think the cost of air conditioning large, you can also choose a small fan, but only let fans pressed against the bore portion, not blown up oil crops.
3. Need to be reminded that summer is so dry, the need for special attention to our seed oil extractor equipment that may exist in the use of electrical problems, power must be careful, pay attention to safety, regular checks of the safety circuit, is our responsible for human performance, but also our respect for life.

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