Buy oil press machine price and quality which is more important?

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oil press machine price



Buy new oil press machine, concerned about the price is more concerned about the detailsNow buy a new press equipment is not only in terms of price, quality and details, most at least pay cost and return is proportional.
oil press machine price, the customer in the purchase of equipment, considering the price, at which a new press manufacturers cheaper, more appropriate, oil press machine price and quality also become direct ratio.
Take care of the details, now a lot of series, the new press technology has been basically mature, more customers to use, but for the current needs of the community, only more mature, more high quality products to durable, is the real purpose. Therefore, we pay more attention to details of the oil extraction machine, its main research and development of products, new press, screw press, peanut oil press, sheller, oil filter, fried seed machine, on the feeding machine, vibrating screen and so on. There are many user-friendly operation, which is unmatched by many manufacturers.
Therefore considered in the customer's point of view, our factory always put the interests of customers in the first place, what problems in a timely manner with customers to solve, buy a new press, and not just focus on oil press machine price, more important is after-sales service must keep up with, good after-sales can be removed a lot of trouble, make customer trust, allow manufacturers to secure the basic principles.
Press characteristics1, large production capacity, energy saving and high efficiencyThe design principle of the helical gear with straight tooth matching gear, to select the most reasonable ratio, the maximum energy output, high efficiency, stable transmission and reduce the effect of noise.
2, automatic heating boot can be pressedIs equipped with heating system, electronic control, infrared heat sync. For different fuel for automatic temperature control, to meet the high oil recovery of temperature the optimum, which is convenient and sanitary, truly boot you can oil.
3, mechanical and electrical integration with good appearanceThe use of high-quality steel castings and phase collocation, meet the requirements of long-term continuous production, the quality of the machinery stable performance, long service life. Has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple operation, safe and convenient, only need to press the corresponding button, boot after 2 minutes, crystal flavor of vegetable oil will continue to flow out.
4, multistage press squeezed as much asIn order to further improve the quality of oil and meal, good machine exchange will be pressing chamber successfully upgraded to multistage crush, once again leading the development direction of the press. Integrated traditional press is widespread, as for technical research, transformation of the structure of pressing chamber, thereby increasing the squeezing chamber pressure, improve the oil yield, compared with the traditional equipment can be increased by 3 - 5 percentage points.
5, refined oil filter systemThree fine filtration system according to different crops, different oil press equipment is selected according to achieve synchronization of real oil filter oil, continuous operation, reach oil is clear and free of impurities, oil purification of purpose.
6, automatic control of the four seasons squeezingThe use of efficient and intelligent, not subject to seasonal restrictions, the production process does not delay the season. According to the different requirements of the oil variety to the temperature, automatically adjust the temperature of crude oil, not affected by the seasons, the climate, to meet the best squeezing conditions, all the four seasons can be pressed. Can be widely, soybean, rapeseed, peanut oil, sunflower seed, cottonseed, Hu Mazi, camellia and other oil crops.


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