What is the advantages of automatic oil mill machine?

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First, we will explain to you what is automatic oil mill machine. Automatic oil mill machine is by the action of mechanical force, so that the material distributed in the inner and outer surfaces germ oil, heat generated by the coil axis advance after squeezing force to get rid of adsorption material embryo overflow, which is extruded from the oil the process is called oil extraction. The design principle of automatic oil mill machine is by far the most advanced set --- fried, pressed, filtered for one machine, can automatically squeezing automatic slag. Easy operation, high efficiency oil. Automatic oil mill machine in accordance with the number of points a crushing stage and secondary crushing and multi-stage press. Follow the instructions on the scale delineation of small type, medium type and large type.
Now people are getting lazy society, because technology is more developed, so our automatic oil mill machine also emerged.
So in today's highly developed science and technology, our automatic oil mill machine What are the advantages of it? Today we will introduce it to you.
First, we introduce the traditional oil extraction machine mode What drawbacks do?
1.The old oil mill machine is the most primitive way of small workshops, oil mill equipment is very simple, the operation is also not very convenient.
2. with respect to the current automatic oil mill machine, the old oil mill machine area is relatively large, relatively high rents relative.
3. and automatic oil mill machine compared to the old oil press machine, oil yield is relatively low, while the consumption of electricity when the work is relatively high, not energy.
4. The old-fashioned automatic oil mill machine working environment is not good, poor sanitary conditions.
So, we launched a new fully automatic oil mill machine, the advantage is more obvious!
1. Our new fully automatic oil mill machine, simple, white operation, do not require specialized knowledge.
2. Now the new automatic oil mill machine, more energy-efficient than the previous old-fashioned press, power. Our engineers have calculated the cost of this: Our automatic oil than the old press save 6 per hour of electricity, the electricity savings every day there are 30 yuan.
3. We can use automatic oil mill machine with wider range: previous oil press machine may be a machine can handle only a material, but now we can achieve automatic oil mill machine using a variety of materials processing, For example, peanut, soybean, sesame, rapeseed, cottonseed, etc, can be processed.

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