What are the advantages of seed oil making machine?

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seed oil making machine


seed oil making machine high quality and low price, one machine multi-purpose, green environmental protection, model complete, sales lead. seed oil making machine is widely used in sesame, peanuts, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower, sunflower seeds, soybean, safflower seed, peony seeds, rice bran, etc. an oilseed crop oil press, a high rate of oil, a squeeze net, durable. seed oil making machine oil, transparent oil, no foam, no smoke. Reliable quality, good reputation, there is a guarantee!
seed oil making machine is a kind of press, in press process, through the automatic temperature control device, increase the host body temperature, so as to reduce the labor intensity, the wear and tear of the body, labor saving, time saving, electricity saving, between the oil particles, between the fuel oils and the components friction, generate heat. This constitutes a two essential elements in the process of oil extraction.
seed oil making machine can not only meet the processing, but also to meet their oil to sell oil. seed oil making machine is a multifunctional automatic plate press for various oil-bearing crops of press production, can press can also be hot press, automatic temperature control and reversing function, is currently on the market the most powerful a press equipment.
Characteristics of seed oil making machine:

1, low temperature pressed oil is shallow, nutrient rich, filtered through the sediment can be pure natural oil

2, low temperature press cake protein damage is small, it is conducive to the full use of oil protein.

3, low pressing temperature (10 C to 50 C).

4, the oil in the press process is not in contact with any solvent, acid, alkali, bleaching earth, chemical additives, processed oil and rapeseed meal nutrients and trace elements loss of small, high protein content of rapeseed meal.

5, the oil rate high, and old equipment compared to normal out oil rate of 2 to 3 percentage points higher, each processing one hundred pounds rapeseed meters on average more than 2-6.

6, energy saving - equivalent output to reduce the power of 40%

7, labor -- the same output can save labor 60%, 1 to 2 people can organize production

8, wide application, one machine is multi-purpose, mustard seeds, sesame, sesame, rapeseed, rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean and more than 30 kinds of oil-bearing crops.

9, pure oil - vacuum filter residue to protect the oil clean.

10, covers an area of small oil mill -- 10-20 square meters can satisfy the use.


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