How is the development of peanut cold press oil expeller machine?

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cold press oil expeller

There are generally two ways to deal with for a peanut cold press oil expeller machine, is a cold-pressed, one is hot-pressed, but is there any difference between the two press method? Today, we will introduce you to this knowledge.
In our daily life, we usually cook with a mostly edible vegetable oil, treatment is probably the first to deal with peanut wok, heat peanut is then placed in peanut cold press oil expeller machine to press. However, the disadvantage of this is that the material in the heating process, promote the peanut protein changes, but after the press oil expeller machine, this can increase the production of peanut oil.
In the past few years in the form of ever-changing economy, oil expeller machine market competition more intense, this phenomenon forces us to peanut cold press oil expeller machine production technology and constant innovation and improvement. Gongyi Jintai, as a professional cold press oil expeller machine manufacturers, the years are constantly changing their own, specific changes as follows:
1. strictly control the production standards, focusing on oil expeller quality.
2. Continue with the discovery of highly wear-resistant quality new material for oil press machine core area, that is, we often say that the pressing screw.
3. To continue to improve cold press oil expeller, improve the oil yield.
4. expanding production scale, we strive to improve their own conditions, to meet the broader market.
5. Adhere to technological innovation as productivity, has its own brand, its own core technology, get rid of imitation era.
According to the conventional view of market conditions, in previous years, whenever winter comes, with oil pollution of our air quality is not very good, do not wear a mask would not be able to go out every day, so in recent years, all of us the industry needs to achieve environmental protection, promotion of environmentally friendly lifestyle. We cold press oil expeller machine is no exception. We, as an oil expeller machine manufacturers, but also in response to national policy, make their own efforts to protect the environment, improve our living status duo.
We Gongyi Jintai oil expeller machine, has many years of production experience, have their own R & D department, in the unremitting efforts of our technical staff, we have developed a new type of cold press oil expeller machine, no pollution, and make full use of oil-bearing crops, and oil rate is relatively high, it can be said is to ensure that the oil yield under the premise, but also to do to protect our environment, now plays the leading role in the oil expeller industry.

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