How do oil press equipment work?

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oil press equipment


oil press equipment working principle: oil press equipment operation, enter the pressing chamber from the hopper after processing oil. From the press to keep the spiral to push forward, to press. Due to the blank in the press the pressing chamber is in motion, in the squeezing chamber pressure conditions, between the blank and the squeezing screw, blank and pressing chamber produced great frictional resistance, so that we can make blank micro material friction, caused by relative motion. On the other hand, because of the oil press equipment screw root Park diameter is gradually thickening, pitch is a gradually reduced, and when the squeezing screw rotation thread hard material embryo that is able to move forward, and turned outward, and near the squeezing screw thread surface layer with the pressing shaft to rotate. In this way, each particle in the chamber is not equal to the velocity, the same direction movement, but also the relative movement between the particles. The heat generated by friction and meet the heat which are required for the operation of oil extraction process, to promote material embryo protein thermal denaturation, destruction of the colloid, increased the plastic, but also reduces the some viscous easily separated oil to, thus increasing the oil press oil yield, oil hydraulic press, and from Park row gap and discharge gap outflow.
oil press equipment a virgin net, time-saving, labor-saving, high oil yield, equipped with small power, oil and pure, a multi use of the machine, sesame, peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, sesame and so on more than 20 kinds of fuel oil processing. oil press equipment pressed refined one adopts dual temperature control technology, according to different oil corresponding set pressing chamber temperature, in order to improve the rate of oil, at the same time, the pressed out of crude oil for temperature control, is conducive to hair oil purification treatment.
oil press equipment features

1 out of the oil rate: the use of directional pressure, multi-level promotion, a squeeze net, the oil yield increased by 10-30%;

2 large production capacity: to strengthen the feeding system, increase the speed of advance, more than 30% of the efficiency of the work;

3 automatic control: automatic control press temperature; built-in vacuum shunt, effective separation of oil and slag;

4 safety and convenience: the structure is exquisite, the occupied area is small; the use of the full closed protection, safe and convenient operation;

5. Durable fuselage with high-quality wear-resisting steel and fatigue casting, stable performance, can work continuously for long time; the machine table to adopt the latest materials electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, high fat, high temperature resistance, and the utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, sanitation and cleanness.


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