Relation of capacity and diameter for rapeseed oil press expeller

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Difference between rapeseed oil press expeller equipment is a knowledge, a lot of small, less formal rapeseed oil press expeller manufacturers from manufacturers to scale the quality of products, consumers are influential, for example, some rapeseed oil press expeller oil yield is relatively low but the price is a few thousand, it's incredible, it is difficult for consumers to believe. Why are there so unreliable difference? This is due to the internal structure of rapeseed oil press expeller, the material used is not the same, small virgin bore size, quality will be reduced, these are small, rapeseed oil press expeller manufacturers to deceive consumers place. Here we Jintai oil press expeller manufacturers, as a large specialized oil press expeller manufacturers, it is necessary to teach consumers how to distinguish the relationship between press size and dimensions to yield and oil yield between. Between press size, the average diameter size of rapeseed oil press expeller is to tell the size of consumer yield rapeseed oil press, which is a fixed target, we can measure the diameter of the consumer to determine. If this oil press expeller rapeseed yield great, then we can infer that this oil press expeller is pressing screw diameter is great.
The popularity of rapeseed oil press expeller equipment will allow us to be able to eat in everyday life safer cooking oil! Before then why do we eat unhealthy cooking oil it? This is because many of us do not really understand the positive process of edible oil, edible oil processing are not familiar with the market, granted that only large edible oil manufacturers have the capital and the ability to produce cooking oil that produce edible oil They are mass-produced, such as we usually contact largest West King corn oil, peanut oil, etc. Lu spent. So, after you read this article, how to use the oil press expeller to produce will have a better understanding of edible oil.
In fact, in the real production process, we only need a automatic roasting machine, a rapeseed oil press expeller, a centrifugal oil filter or vacuum oil filter, the oil will be able to realize their production. It's that simple!
The most important problem: Some people might ask you rapeseed oil press expeller, is versatile it? Rapeseed or only press it? We can responsibly tell you that we are now producing oil press are basically universal, not just an oil-bearing crops, usually a multifunctional machine, can be used for more than 30 kinds of oil crops such as peanut, soybean, sesame, black seeds, olive, walnut, almond, camellia, palm kernel, and so on.

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