Cold Press Oil Making Machine Common Faults and exclusion method

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We all know that there are many kinds of oil, so I think if we know more about the oil we will get a more healthy life, more over the green low-carbon life, our lives can be full of health. Now the quality of oil on the market vary, rampant waste oil, many experts have suggested that we use to press oil press, but they need to understand that these machines, only our better understanding of the press, we can better use ah!
Automatic Soybean cold press oil making machine is the introduction of foreign advanced technology to produce a new generation of cold press oil making machine, today introduce the new type of automatic soybean oil press works. First, when the soybean oil press move forward, deal with good material from the hopper into the embryo virgin bore. By the pressing screw to screw in advance, it is pressed. Because parison in soybean oil press virgin bore is in a state of motion, pressing bore at high pressure conditions, feed embryo and pressing screw, resulting in a very large frictional resistance between the pressing bore. This enables the friction between the material produced, resulting in relative motion. On the other hand, pressing screw root diameter park is gradually thickening. When pressing screw is rotated, the threaded hard parison that is able to move forward, but also to turn outward, while pressing the material layer near the surface of the threaded shaft still as pressing. Such virgin bore in each embryo particulate material is not constant, the same direction, but there are also among the particles relative Dodo. The heat generated by friction and meet on a heat oil extraction process operation must help promote the parison in the protein thermal denaturation, damage colloid, increased plasticity, but also reduces the viscosity of the oil to the oil easily dialysis , thus increasing the oil yield of soybean oil press. Large metal crusher
Soybean cold press oil making machine Common Faults and exclusion method:
  1, a sudden stop, pressing screw shaft stuck, the new machine virgin. Running a lot by not feeding into the juice. The thickness of the cake is too thin, virgin bore pressures.
  Solution: Press the manual operation, always pay attention to the size of the soybean oil press sound and current strength.
  2, soybean oil press oil is too low, fuel moisture inappropriate. Virgin bore temperature is low. Bar row, row of garden space does not meet the requirements. Parts wear.
  Solution: Press instructions. Loose or tight compression nut move to a small amount of slag, smooth flow of oil. Replace worn parts.
  3, cake with oil spots, water and more oil. Park row gap is too small. Soybean oil press parts wear.
  Solution: Press soybean oil press instructions. Loose Park pressing Bodrum increased discharge gap. Replaced with new parts.
  4, low-yield soybean oil press, the press without lint cottonseed, long velvet easy to bypass, wrapped around the shaft, bore pressing, pressing screw is not smooth, the oil contained too much water, the gap is too small cake mouth, pressing screw wear.

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