Buy a oil milling machine can press cooking oil at home?

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The countryside is gathering oil crops, every household has grown, regardless of peanut, sesame, soybean and rapeseed. Many people do not grow much, just to eat more convenient oil, but the total amount. Today, people's consumption level and health awareness of the increase, more attention to the edible oil. Pressure oil and oil extraction in contrast, more people choose oil pressure. This is why, in fact, is very simple: there are oil milling machine at home, when the family did not have the oil when you can make their own processing of edible oil. The raw material is pressed oil their crops, the squeezing process is clean and healthy. Rural and urban oil milling machine is the fastest-growing places, people understand the characteristics of healthy oil, oil began his life. Then everyone at home at the same time we share our oil in oil need oil milling machine.
Because the rural oil crop is not unified, variety is very complex, so to buy Multi function oil milling machine. Some oil crops need to be steaming and stir frying. Some are not cooking, but in order to care for steaming and frying oil also need equipped with seeds frying pan, fried seeds are generally cylindrical seeds frying pan, the equipment processing capacity, low price, simple operation. It also saves time. In fact, this can have a basic two oil equipment at home. If you want to be more competitive, you want to save time and reduce labor costs, then I recommend you to buy a set of small and medium-sized fully automatic oil milling machine. Fry feed, feeding, crushing, refining, until the oil poured into the pot, it is automatically. And this kind of equipment than the above equipment better, including refining equipment, what is what is the use of refining equipment, refining equipment?
After pressing the oil professional terminology called crude oil, crude oil is the biggest drawback is pot can play foam, but after refining wouldn't have this situation, much the same as the brand oil and refined after the oil with the supermarket to sell. A lot of oil slowly dry after the large workshop with the same equipment stem from the oil business brand. Is the squeeze after the oil refining paste their own brand on the supermarket to sell. So the oil can not only meet the requirements of themselves and their families to health edible oil, can also help oil from relatives and friends, to their propaganda oil milling machine knowledge and health edible oil pressing method.

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