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Jintai mini oil expeller machine is essential edible oil industry equipment, screw mini oil expeller machine is unique crystallization quality production and development, to meet the different needs of customers is the most important duty to a manufacturer of mini oil expeller machine. As a professional screw mini oil expeller machine manufacturers, according to JinTai years of research and development, the production of peanut oil can be processed to produce the desired effect. To achieve customer satisfaction in the oil situation. Today's mini oil expeller machine manufacturers solemn commitment to our customers nationwide sale of any type of oil press equipment, across the country, both the quality problem caused by improper use of the customer's own problems, as long as one year, we Gongyi JinTai is able to It provides professional service.
Mini oil expeller machine made by Gongyi Jintai is mainly used for individual processing, simple and convenient, by vacuum filtration, automatic temperature control function. Good quality oil out of the product. Fragrant taste, the oil rate is still high. Now mainly used in rural areas to do the processing. There are also live in urban areas do processing, so that seems to produce more transparent and give customers more confidence. Almost all oil crops able to squeeze through a small press. Including peanut, soybean, sesame, sunflower, rapeseed, walnut, cotton and so on.
Features of mini oil expeller machine:
1. Mini oil expeller machine increases the pressure point, multi-level to promote and strengthen the degree of crushing of raw materials, improve the oil yield, while accelerating productivity. .
2.the unique groove design, easier oil outflow from the hardware to further improve the oil yield. Fine filter system using a variety of means to achieve a true sense of the virgin filter integration, improve the automation of mini oil expeller machine, completely solve the problem of oil purification.
3.the mini oil expeller machine surface forming part of a drawing, and automatic precision grinding to improve the machining accuracy and finish the press system, users purchase, simply try to squeeze into normal production.
4. the use of alloy steel castings and matched to meet the long-term continuous production of mechanical quality requirements, stable performance and durability.
We Gongyi JinTai's mini oil expeller machine equipment, the biggest feature is the high rate of oil, borrowed Turbo principle, advancing speed, productivity increased by 30%. In the feedstock oil does not affect the re-use of whole grain oil machine production, greatly reducing costs and ensure profits. Durable mini oil expeller machine equipment main production of high quality wear steel castings with fatigue, stable performance, long-term continuous operation, using the latest materials and electrostatic spray, strong adhesion, mechanical watches, high temperature, oil, namely, shape beautiful, clean. Gongyi JinTai mini oil expeller machine with quality speak to the credibility of development, our company's screw type mini oil expeller machine products have been exported to foreign markets, and to be sure, welcome customers to buy.

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