According oil cakes determine the quality of mini oil mill machine

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Multifunctional mini oil mill machine from the oil cakes circumstances determine whether the device is operating normally or not. When using the multi-purpose mini oil mill machine, both when it comes to observe multifunction mini oil mill machine a cake, the cake seen many users know, do not know why see cake, some just look at the cake residue oil ratio, this is one-sided look at hair, he said on again if the cake into two, there are scratches on the cake, which represents which may have metal or texture is very hard foreign matter into the inside, this is only one aspect, cake case not only on behalf of these, other features of the observed difference in fact bread is also very important. For example, the thickness of the cake, the cake if there are tears, there is a blessing wavy recessed portion of the depth of the channel, and some of which is mounted and operating conditions represents the degree of wear multifunction press pressing axis.
Multifunctional spiral mini oil mill machine cake residual oil rate of cake just after the decision to determine the residual oil rate there are other factors, such as initial oil content and the degree of crushing oilseeds, baked cooked embryos method, the rotational speed of the pressing screw, back to the material impact of the seed category, etc., cooked embryos porous and plastic, productivity multifunctional press or for other reasons, this is according to the rate of residual oil cake the main reason.
Multifunctional spiral mini oil mill machine when the press oil crops, thickness affect cake multifunctional press oil yield, cake thin, it should be pressed a little garden row (with compression nut), then park row of thick cake will relax a little at the higher press oil than oil crops, pressing bore pressure should become smaller. In actual operation, should be based on the thickness of the cake, the cake is thick when the appropriate amount of oil the most prosperous.
Multifunctional mini oil mill machine choose advanced is not only small footprint, high efficiency, sophisticated material, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, easy to operate, labor saving, etc., but also with automatic temperature control, virgin net, the oil yield is high, vacuum filtration, high production efficiency special advantages.
This kind of oil press machine can press sesame, peanut, rapeseed, seed, soybean, sunflower, flax, cottonseed, corn, walnut oil and other 20 kinds of oil were processed. Three level squeezing,vacuum filtration, safety and health, the oil can be directly consumed or bottled for sale.

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