Chinese oil extraction equipment in Pakistan sell well?

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oil extraction equipment in the market hot sales, after decades of development, the oil extraction equipment industry in our country has been gradually expanding mature, and along with the enhancement of people's health consciousness, but also for the device to open the gate in the international market, in the international on a series of policies to encourage and support and press export is prospering.
oil extraction equipment high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency, squeezing out of the oil safety and health and in the work of using the press, oil equipment noise low, no pollution, simple operation and easy maintenance.
oil extraction equipment in front of the oil check its transmission and smooth system, easy to make sure that its flexible rotation, smooth enough, so as to guarantee the determination to do to complete the work to greatly reduce in working process as far as possible to reduce the extent of mistakes and errors, oil extraction equipment in the boot after found scream, knocking or is some other abnormal surface phenomenon should be immediately made for maintenance, completely troubleshooting before experiment, until the device itself can work stable stop, making the equipment structure more reasonable, the product performance is more excellent.
With the edible oil industry for the quality and the requirements of the press products continuously improve, more in order to adapt to the economic development, according to customer demand, continuously reform and innovation design to meet the needs of users of oil extraction equipment to satisfy the customer, the device is using the device with the highest rate, its development process is not an overnight, with the continuous development of society and continuous innovation before the formation of the today's size and species.
1, the idea of a novel, mechanical and electrical integration: design science, reasonable structure, simple operation, safe and stable, with full automation equipment, from the finished product is expected to complete a few minutes.
2, excellent material technology: precision with high carbon steel, the high-frequency quenching, heat processing surface, high hardness, high strength, good abrasion resistance, adapted to high temperature and high pressure continuous operation and improve the service life of the press, and use the time up to several decades long.
3, high precision filtration system: an increase in the pressure oil filter, raising the temperature of crude oil, new oil guide new technology, automatic filtering, pure oil, oil filter and press simultaneously, greatly improving the speed of filtering the oil, convenient and practical, is the ideal choice for the majority of users.

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