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Today there are several overseas oil expeller customers come to Jintai visit. Most clients look to the oil expeller equipment is basically to compare several, after the foreign customers through the press of Jintai some investigation, eventually more recognized our equipment. Jintai mechanical oil expeller equipment is a professional R & D enterprise, business oil expeller equipment more than 30 years, we have specialized in the development and production of new multifunctional oil expeller automation equipment. Now our latest oil expeller equipment production technology into the latest a complete oil core technology. From our oil press manufacturer's R & D department to the shop floor and in the digestion and busy for this new technology, and thus laid the foundation for our oil press manufacturers, as China's most powerful oil extraction equipment manufacturing enterprises.
Optional for cold press models can be processed rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cotton seed, seed and other granular oil. First, look at the time of purchase press the outer paint is uniform, check the machine parts is missing, then hand turn large pulley, it will turn more than a few times to check the inner bore if there are pressing iron and other foreign matter, with or without stuck phenomenon, while paying attention to the gear box gear is normal. It pressed flax seed oil in the so-called cold pressing or hot pressing. That refers to a narrow process of edible oil production in oil extraction process and do not represent the whole process. Cold pressed oil expeller Flax seed oil; concept includes three important implications: oil extraction process is cold, do not use the conventional production process of the fire fried or steamed fry mode, the maximum oil temperature of 70 ℃. Process of refining crude oil is carried out entirely at room temperature. The whole production process from beginning to end completely the use of physical methods, without any chemical reaction. These three points are indispensable, if one can not reach the other two would be meaningless, it went back to the old technology, products or old products.
Why are more and more users begin to pay attention to oil expeller equipment, oil press equipment because the production of edible oil has become an indispensable device. Oil press equipment industry in China started very early, but the last five years has entered a stage of development is more popular, and now with more and more customers to oil expeller equipment manufacturers consult the relevant information, including some edible oil manufacturers and venture capitalists, conventional old oil expeller equipment production mode has begun phasing out the faces, new press equipment equipment is gradually occupied the press equipment market, early understanding of oil expeller equipment the market is the best way to deal with oil production problems. Now Jintai oil expeller machinery as we provide the favorable conditions, we are the first formal oil expeller equipment manufacturer can provide direct on-site test machine, the user of our Jintai mechanical press manufacturers later, if you want to watch live production operations we will arrange for workshop personnel, on-site test machine. This will allow customers more intuitive understanding of press equipment to allow customers seeing is believing. Craftsmanship Jintai mechanical production oil expeller equipment meet the national standard, any equipment will help solve the problem.

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