Chinese TOP ten oil expeller manufacturer?

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When buying press a lot of foreign customers, will search on Google China is the best oil expeller manufacturer? Which oil expeller manufacturer quality is best in China? China's ten big oil expeller manufacturer and so on. China best press from Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou oil press why good, because Zhengzhou oil expeller manufacturer is generally Gongyi people, in the period of the Republic of Gongyi is China's weapons production base, after the liberation of the original technical personnel opened the machinery factory, x, press in the 1980s rise, to now more than 30 years, so Gongyi oil development history of at least 30 years.
oil expeller manufacturer production press has two: cold pressed oil machine and hot press press, screw press, but internal structure and configuration are different. How much oil press press? The user can choose the right according to the yield and pressing process.
oil expeller manufacturer is assurance expeller pressing chamber pressure and rational design of the press screw press head, the pitch and the squeezing screw depth, can maximize the amount of material in the press. Cold pressed oil mill production, and low consumption of energy, equipped with automatic feeding device and vacuum filtration system, reduce processing of oil process, for users provide natural edible oil, is always the best choice for users of foreign oil.
oil expeller manufacturer production of hot pressing machine can only be used for hot pressing, stable performance, high oil yield, equipped with a material stirring device and vacuum filtration, due to the constraints of the hot pressing technology, squeezing the crude oil also need the centrifugal oil filter filter to ensure food safety. Hot press press of the press screw press head, the pitch and the squeezing screw depth is of reasonable design, and hot pressing machine in the press oil oil needs frying heating treatment, to the greatest extent increase fuel oil yield, due to become edible oil processing plant of choice.

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