How to test oil making equipment

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As we all know, the initial oil making equipment in use is the need for run-in, old-fashioned run-machine was a long time, many manufacturers have introduced not running, you can directly buy back oil extraction machine, not knowing that the machine run-in with the oil extraction Running after all, is not the same, therefore, the new press is best to go through a simple run-in machines, it is easy to machine quickly put into use.
Before using the oil making equipment, you should first be ready aids, container tape, check and adjust the tightness. Then start the motor, the machine idle 15min, check the pressing screw shaft speed. Usually the speed should be around 33dmin. CAUTION idle gear meshing gears and the sound is normal, whether each of the bearing parts and the motor properly. Hydraulic idle, the motor current should be controlled. If the current is too high, it should immediately stop inspection, adjustment after re-boot.
Depending on the fuel, the temperature of the billet master of oil and water into the extrusion. In particular, it will squeeze the tiniest position, loosen the stem nut, disconnect the two activities activity pin, turn the lever on the side. After entering virgin oil drilling, the active lever back in situ fixed, tighten the piston. Press gently from the extruder often deal with pressure, force should be uniform, prohibit excessive force, otherwise, prone to accidents. Crowded high oil content of fuel oil (such as peanut, rapeseed), a first compressed by the first work in the low-pressure pump, and then replaced with new oil pumps and high-pressure work. If you can not find work pressure gauge pointer back to zero, to keep the inspection, maintenance or replacement. Open the oil return valve, water flow back into the tank and automatic piston automatic, removable stripper plate.
Prepare about 50 kg of raw materials (such as soybean, rapeseed) after a normal load, ready for the hopper. NOTE: When you start feeding is not too fast, otherwise the crowded chamber pressure is increased, resulting in extrusion screws twisted cage, remove blockage serious accident ruptured. Thus begins to compress the material should be uniform and into the hopper, so press run-in test. Repeated more than 3 ** 4h, so press the temperature gradually increased, and even risk of smoke (this is normal). Then slowly raise lavender ,, twist mobile stud portion, while increasing cake thickness profile extrusion embryo water to keep pressing temperature. To about 90 ℃, press machine, cake thickness can be properly transferred to the 1.5 ** 2.5 mm long, the fastening nut tightened.
Always check the oil making equipment run-time operation of the machine, the control fuel moisture is not too high, but also very low. A flaky cake normal, side by pressing bolts touch is very smooth, the other side there are many pores. If the cake or the cake loose shapeless, namely hand pinch pieces, which shows that embryonic material very little water out of the cake if weak, it is large, and the increase in the oil bubble, Minga said too much water. Under normal circumstances, between rows of round little or no waste in the slag at the slag was fine flake is more water, less water is powdery. In addition, the raw water is too high or too low, the oil will be the position after the shift.
Hydraulic normal operation, the high oil content of fuel, mostly in the third row of circular rows of the former place. 60% of the oil discharge of oil, exhaust tip round about 30%, the end of a little oil, oil drop-shaped. So soybean oil, rapeseed oil can be squeezed net, during which oil residue may be incorporated into feed embryo pressing, cutting to maintain uniformity, should more or less, otherwise it will affect oil press oil yield and lifetime.

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