How to choose a suitable high quality oil expeller machine?

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oil expeller machine

We can see it clearly that now people have their own opinion on the oil expeller machine and even the whole oil press processing line. For example, some people pay more attention to the healthy while other people may focus on the oil output rate of the oil press machine. Then how to choose a suitable oil press machine? Today the writer will introduce the method of choosing a suitable and high quality oil expeller machine for you.
First of all, you need to tell us the oil crops you want to handle with. We can choose a suitable type oil expeller machine for you to press the oil crops. For example, the screw type oil press machine can be used for sesame, peanut, rape seed, sunflower seeds, soya bean, flax, corn germ, rice bran, cotton seeds and so on. And our hydraulic type oil press machine can applied with sesame(cold press method), walnut, olive, palm kernel, coconut, almond kernel, tea seeds and so on. So it is really important to let us know the oil crops you want to handle with. Besides, you need to offer us the condition of your oil crops. For example, if you want to handle with peanut, you need to let us know if your oil crops is peanut kernel or the shelled peanut. So we can know if you need a sheller machine or not.
Then after we have a knowledge of your oil crops, we need to know your capacity. You can just tell us how many oil crops you want to handle per hour. Or you can just tell us how many oil you want to get per hour. Then we can suggest a suitable model of our oil expeller machine.
The next thing you need to do is to introduce your locally eating custom to us. For example, some places do not like the roasted peanut to press oil because they do not like the taste. So you need to let us know your eating custom so that we can offer our suggestion to apply your habit. And the most important thing in this matter is that how to improve the oil output yield while obey the locally custom. So it is really matters a lot. We can choose to roast the oil crops or to boil the oil crops in order to increase the oil output yield to meet the requirements of our customers.
The final step always be refining. The oil pressed by the oil expeller machine and flowed out is not so clear as we thought. So in general it need to be refine with our vacuum type oil refining machine or the centrifugal type oil press machine. Then we can get clear cooking oil.

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