Where can offer competitive peanut oil expeller price?

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Gongyi Jintai can offer you the most competitive peanut oil expeller price for your reference. Our peanut oil press machine is the most advanced oil expeller machine now. And this cheap price oil expeller can press the peanut with not only hot method, but also cold press. So whether hot press or cold press oil expeller machine, this type oil expeller machine can all meet the requirement. This machine can press the peanut with the mechanical pressure and the high pressure can extract the oil crops to oil. But the fact is that, in many countries and cities, they are not used to use hot press method to press peanut but in general, they use cold press method. But the question is that, the screw type oil expeller price with cold press method, how to improve the oil output yield?
In some countries, for example, in India, they all use screw type oil expeller and the price is cheap and suitable. They do not like the taste of hot pressed cooking oil. So we, Gongyi Jintai, as a factory majored in oil expeller with factory price, we need to refresh our technical to applying in the special market situation.
Some areas have different method to press peanut oil in order to make the taste good and at the same time make sure the oil output yield high. They do not use roaster machine to roast the oil crops. Then how the peanut oil expeller line be? The first step still is to shell the peanut to peanut kernel. Then we need to clean the peanut kernel and remove the additional things. Then we need to handle the peanut kernel to peanut powder. Next we put the peanut powder into the boiler machine to boil them. This is the key step when we do not want to roast the peanut. And for this method, the most important step is to boil the powder of peanut in order to increase the oil output yield. After boiling the peanut powder, we can feed the peanut powder into the feeding part of the screw type oil expeller price low machine. Then we just need to turn on the power button and then we can wait to see the peanut oil flow out. Finally we need to refine the peanut oil to make it cleaner and purer.
So if you want to buy oil expeller, we can offer you our best quality oil expeller with our factory price, you can choose us to be your supplier!

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