How to raise the oil extractor rate of oil?

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oil extractor



oil extractor refers to the help of mechanical forces, by raising the temperature of the oil molecules, activation, extrude the oil out from the oil in the machine. Can be divided into oil extractor, domestic hydraulic press, hydraulic model of spiral oil extractor, high precision filtration oil extractor, automatic oil extractor.
oil extractor is the development of a new generation of highly efficient energy-saving oil equipment, in line with the requirements of the Ministry of agriculture agricultural spiral oil extractor technical conditions and standards, oil production and processing of the authentic, pure fidelity is to create the best choice for modern You Fang.
oil extractor mainly by the electrical control, automatic heating, adjust, transmission and vacuum filter oil components, pressing bolt from the alloy steel by carburizing treatment, enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance; press row by plane grinder grinding, ensure the accuracy of the oil line, improve the oil yield; distribution, vacuum, automatic heating standard components, selection of domestic famous brand, optimize the allocation of machines; machine surface with stainless steel and chrome plated.
Principle of oil extractor, powered deceleration rear drive to the spindle, mounted presses out the spiral on the main shaft with rotation, the thread of oil will continue to move forward, due to the pressing chamber and the squeezing screw gradually narrow space, increase the density of oil, thus the pressure increases gradually, in the squeezing process, due to the machine automatically force the heat of the day, the automatic temperature control device, increase the host body temperature, thereby reducing labor intensity, the wear and tear of the body, labor saving, electricity saving, time saving, between the oil particles, between the fuel oils and the components friction produces heat. So as to form two major elements of the process of oil extraction pressure and heat and destroy the tissue cells of the oil, the oil overflows from the oil line, the cake from a cake head and out the cake mouth was launched, when the overflow of oil through the oil pan into the filtration barrel above, the vacuum pump the barrel in the air out. Negative pressure is formed in the barrel oil extractor, oil through the filter cloth, being pumped into the barrel, but the deisel oil were quarantined in the cloth above, get this is pure oil.
For the choice of oil extractor, not only to ensure the quality of the oil, but also should be greatly enhanced oil rate, after the relevant investigation found that the use of hot pressing technology can effectively improve the oil yield.

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