How to adjust high quality peanut linseed oil expellers

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How to adjust high quality peanut linseed oil expellers

Peanut oil is called the Orient, Chinese people prefer vegetable species. In the case of edible oil security worrying, how to distinguish quality peanut oil is particularly important. Linseed Oil Expellers manufacturers believe, can be distinguished from the following methods.
1.See the solidification temperature. Peanut oil freezing point of 0-3 degrees Celsius press the peanut oil into the refrigerator freezer for about 10 minutes, if the oil solidification phenomena occur, mixed with palm oil can be initially determined;. Refrigerator freezer for about 30 minutes or so, if the oil stratification and solidification phenomena can initially determined doped rapeseed oil.
2.Look and feel. Fresh squeezed out of peanut peanut oil, natural color, bright golden, rich flavor with a natural smell of peanut oil. If you are using rotten or over the summer peanut peanut oil squeezed out of the dark color.
3.Actual test. Quality peanut oil at room temperature, a light yellow color, clear and transparent; odor and taste normal, heated to 280 degrees oil change color depth, no precipitation precipitation; inferior peanut color, odor, taste abnormality, big water, impurities more rancidity, have burnt odor smell. Therefore, oil is not a good low temperature smoke.
4.Smell its odor. With the right hand little finger contaminated with oil, in the hearts of his left hand and shoved a few more twists, then immediately smell the smell, pure peanut oil with a rich aroma, no abnormal taste, can be considered top grade press. The incorporation of flavor peanut oil began to have a little peanut flavor, but with the rub again, the light will be more peanut flavor.Consumers can be judged from the above aspects, which is the quality of peanut oil. The year is approaching, penguin press manufacturers to remind consumers to buy cooking oil to be cautious.
Linseed Oil Expellers machine structure is compact, taking up less space; transmission fully enclosed protective, easy to operate security. Machine table using the latest materials from electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, resistance to greasy, high temperature. Not only beautiful, but also easy to clean, to ensure that health, high-quality and wear-resistant steel castings science with fatigue, stable performance, ensure that the equipment can be long-term continuous operation, and durable. Also Linseed Oil Expellers widely used sesame, rapeseed, peanut, cottonseed, soybean, seed, corn germ oil and other oilseeds crushing capacity, a small investment, high oil grain and oil machinery and equipment.

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