Which factory can manufacture the best quality automatic oil expeller?

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automatic oil expeller

When we are going to buy a automatic oil expeller machine, the first thing we need to consider is the quality of the machine. And then we may think about the oil yield and the using life and something else.
Our Jintai automatic oil expeller equipment has the best quality and after sales service. When you are in the market of auto oil press machine, our advice is to visit the factory by yourself when you are available. And so you can see the sample orders. We Gongyi Jintai use the best quality and perfect working labor so that we can produce the best quality automatic oil expeller machine for you. And our oil making machine can press the oil crops one time and can continuous work. What is more, we can offer you our oil press machine with free installation. And the quality warranty is for one year. The most important thing is that the corn parts of our automatic oil press equipment has been handled with the high temperature and is durable.
Time flies, in the 21st century, under the grim situation of the economical, we, Gongyi Jintai, as a professional manufacturer of automatic oil expeller, of course we want to produce better quality equipments for our clients. So the first thing we need to figure it out is that the clients need what type oil expeller and what is the shortage of our oil making machine. So what are customer needs? For example, the customer want a high oil output yield and want to get more and more oil with the same quantity oil crops. Some customer may think that they want to handle not only one type of oil crops and they may wonder if they can handle with many kinds of oil crops with one automatic oil expeller machine. For example, they may want to handle not only sesame, but also peanut, soya bean, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, cotton seeds and so on. Then we can advice you to use our screw type automatic oil expeller equipment. So as a manufacturer, we need to update our technical to improve the oil output yield. Only in this way can we sell our machine well. So we need move to this direction and under the guide of market, we can improve ourselves and have a large percent of the market.
So we can see that this oil expeller can not only be a automatic type, but also a multi-functional oil expeller machine so that the one type oil expeller machine can meet most customers’ requirements.

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