Cold Pressed Olive Oil machine is the most advanced oil press

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Cold Pressed Olive Oil machine



Cold Pressed Olive Oil machine can be used for crushing various oil crops, integrated in the machine automatic temperature control system, according to different raw materials suitable temperature, convenient operation, simplified the complexity of frying. In addition to the Cold Pressed Olive Oil machine feed, basically do not need other operation, automatic temperature control, vacuum filtration, simple operation, small occupation area, high oil yield. Cold Pressed Olive Oil machine is the latest technology introduced by our company, through the temperature control, can improve the actual oil yield 10-30%. Cold Pressed Olive Oil machine advanced design, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, energy saving, labor saving, high efficiency, has a wide range of applications, pure oil etc
Cold Pressed Olive Oil machine is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, improving and developing the new press equipment according to the international situation, Cold Pressed Olive Oil machine area is small, the production efficiency. Cold Pressed Olive Oil machine is a multi use of the machine for oil, sesame, peanut, rapeseed, tea seed, soybean, sunflower oil, flax, cottonseed, corn, walnut and so on more than 20 kinds of oil processing. 3 squeeze out oil after vacuum filtration, taste tempting, crystal purity, safety and health, can be directly eaten or sold in bottles.
Customers can to the company site visits, select your desired model, and field test, witnessed the press press, professionals to explain their operation. Do buyers at ease with a comfortable.
Zhengzhou JINTAI owner perfect after-sales service, to provide free on-site installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and other services. Establish a loyal partner, the company strongly support, to help customers successfully operate, provide a sound guidance program.
Perfect after-sales service concept, each users purchase we are included in the after-sales service, regular visits, to solve practical problems, to enjoy one year warranty, life-long maintenance and long service.
Remittance customers purchase prepaid 30%.
Where enough machine operators can enjoy free operation training, and market operation planning and training. Give the manual, maintenance, safety and other operation manual.

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