Is it possible to use cooking oil press machine to get cooking oil?

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cooking oil press machine

Cooking oil press machine is a widely used machine in many countries and in China, there are so many manufacturers who can manufacture cooking oil press machine. But if you are not in the line of cooking oil market, you may think that is it possible to get cooking oil? Of course yes but the cost is oil crops such as sesame, soybean, olive, coconut, sunflower seeds, or even almond can get oil with the cooking oil press equipment. So if you want to make cooking oil by yourself, then you just need a kind of oil crops and a cooking oil making machine, then you can get cooking edible oil at home.
As far as we can see, the development of society can bring a new chance for the factory of oil making machine. Because when people earn money, they want to buy health so they pay more attention to the eating food then they will notice the edible oil they eat every day. In general, we get edible oil or we say cooking oil in the supermarket or in a shop but in fact, the cooking oil is not so healthy as we thought.
So how does a cooking oil extractor machine work? When the cooking oil press machine go working, the oil crops handled with roaster machine and cleaning system can feed in the hopper and screw with the machine. Then the oil crops can go through the screw part and was screwed by the physical motor of the machine. And with the move of screwing, and the friction force of the oil crops, the press screw, the oil crops get hot. But the temperature can be under 100℃ and can not break the proteins.  And this temperature can help us to get more oil with same quantity oil crops. So this design of our cooking oil pressing machine can improve the oil output yield. That is why this machine is more popular in the market. And then we can get the crude oil. Next machine is the edible cooking oil refining machine. It is mainly used to refine the oil and then we can eat the oil and use it as a kind of cooking oil.
The advantages of cooking oil press machine:
1.Gongyi Jintai oil press machine for cooking oil has a higher oil output yield compared with the similar machine in the market.
2.Our oil press machine has a widely application range and it can be used for soybean, sesame, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, corn germ, rice bran, rapeseed, vegetable seeds and so on.

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