Gold press groundnut oil press is hot selling nowadays

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groundnut oil press

Groundnut oil press in all of our products have exclusive advantages, for a long time in the new technologies and new dynamic action, a small oil press has become the focus of industry attention in the industry, in the development process of oil extraction equipment, as the advanced manufacturers in many industries to stand out, it is necessary in the quality of the products have been well characterized before selecting our manufacturers, in the original hot-pressed on the basis of the birth of another good production technology that is cold pressed technology .
Traditional production techniques is rely on heat-pressed, is pretreated material to rely wok over into the bore to be squeezed heating, there are a lot of nutrients from being damaged in the hot pressing process, the oil can not be achieved in the long-nutrients save time, so there should be a simple cold pressing process, is the so-called cold-pressed oil without going through the fry pan, can be called cold-pressed groundnut oil press machine, cold oil squeeze good color, more pale, cold pressed fragrant but not greasy oil press, do not get angry, the key is cold-pressed oil in deep-fried things when not frothing, not silt pot, cooked virgin oil is pressed again after the wok fried, cooked oil extraction greasy pure, delicious, especially the kind of rich sesame peanut oil is more fragrant, the disadvantage is not treated in time when things will be fried pot frothing silt pot, but after simple treatment can solve this problem, in 2014, we have mentoring and technical assistance, together with the number of 10 to participate in peer professionals, after four years of research finally starting successful, history has witnessed this moment, we are excited, when looking at just geographical up after harvest peanut introduced into the press, and instantly see a rapid irregular lumps tile Bo cake from the cake mouth jumped clear bright refined oil flow out from the oil extraction equipment, which is a witness the miracle of the moment, in this case, cold pressing is the history of a new idea, once the market will have a greater response.
Groundnut oil press features and social prospects determine your investment direction, is designed for a variety of cold-pressed oils and design a new generation of low-temperature hydraulic press, the press is particularly suitable for organic plants and high-value cash crops, oil equipment at the time of the press low temperature, high oil, low residual oil meal, processed oil is light in color, good quality, nutrient-rich, to meet international market standards, is a new device expects many customers if necessary please feel free to call us .

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