Widely application of linseed oil press machine in China

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linseed oil press machine

For many Chinese people, they may know litter about linseed or flax seeds, and linseed oil. And our linseed oil press machine can be sold overseas more than homeland.
Linseed is a kind of flax and the linseed oil is got from linseed or we say flax seed. In China, more often we can find flax in northern area such as Neimenggu, Ningxia, Heilongjiang and so on. And we can see clearly that these places are all in the north of China and they are all cold places and the land is pretty rich so flax can grow up better here. What’s more important, the sunlight is enough for flax. So our linseed oil press machine is widely application in the north area of China.
So how can we get linseed oil by oil press machine offer by Gongyi Jintai manufacturer of oil press machine for linseed?
In general, we have two methods of get oil from linseed. A, oil press machine can press the oil crops, here we say linseed, by physical pressure, to get the linseed oil. This method is mostly used in the edible cooking oil. B, lixiviation processing way to get linseed oil from linseed. This method is generally used in the gas. Here we will mainly introduce the physical way to you.
First, we all know that the linseed oil press machine is just like a sesame oil press machine, can work with both cold press and hot press. Here you may ask me what is cold press and what is hot press.
Cold press: it means under the low temperature condition, we press the oil crops by the physical pressure and get the oil.
Hot press: it means we first put the oil crops in the roaster machine to roast by the high temperature and then put the oil crops into the linseed oil press machine to press oil. This way we can get more oil than the cold press way.
So the most degree we use the cold press method to get linseed oil by the linseed oil press machine. And the linseed should be clean so we need to clean up the linseed first, then remove the additional. Then we need to crush the shell of the linseed to get the kernel. Then we can put them into the linseed oil press machine to cold press. Then we can get the crude linseed oil but this crude linseed oil can not eat directly and it need to be refined with our centrifugal oil refining machine or vacuum oil refining machine. Then we can get the clear and pure linseed oil.

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