How to keep the cold flax oil expeller machine clean?

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cold flax oil expeller machine

High hardness, high strength, high precision, good wear resistance, adapt to high temperature and high pressure continuous operation, which can effectively prolong the service life of cold flax oil expeller machine.
Intelligent temperature control system "," fully automatic forced cutting device "," heating temperature control system "," oil storage thermostat box "and other computer intelligent automatic integration system, to achieve the best out of oil, out Cake state, to achieve finishing, deep processing of digital control.
Cold flax oil expeller machine is a peanut oil and other edible oil pressing machine, is now more popular use of the oil press equipment. We Gongyi Jintai new oil presses of good quality, excellent performance, has been very popular with the majority of customers of all ages. Customers have to consult the new oil press after a long squeeze after the oil press inside and outside the deposition of residual material and grease should be how to clean, in order to better serve customers, small series for the oil press cleaning problems summarized the following methods :
    (1) Cold flax oil expeller machine outside the grease and dirt, we can use professional cleaning agents for cleaning, cleaning is completed in time to dry the oil press housing, to prevent rust.
    (2) for the newly produced near the grease, you can use water for cleaning, it is recommended to use water to clean, so not only can clean the grease, you can also wash away the residue inside the oil press, simple and safe.
    (3) for some long time attached to the grease, the use of boiling water cleaning is difficult to achieve the cleaning effect, and then we must use a special cleaning agent, but after cleaning with a detergent, but also peanut oil press with water carefully Wash, to avoid the residue of cleaning agents.
Cold flax oil expeller machine is suitable for urban and rural small and medium-sized oil processing plants, oil presses, specialized households, hotels, supermarkets, hot pot restaurants, grain and oil stores, schools, military units, canteen, small oil plant, but also for individual oil press Sell, external processing. To further enhance the level of mechanization of cold flax oil expeller machine, rapeseed oil press continued to improve the comprehensive capacity of China's grain to protect the safety of edible oil to achieve enterprise development, agricultural harvest, farmers still have important significance.

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