What do we need to know when buying peanut oil press?

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peanut oil press

First of all to say that you need to deal with peanut oil press is the number of materials? This is more than the amount of handling, we must choose a suitable model, because our peanut oil press small, large, many models, this can be customized by the user's own needs. There are our peanut oil press is a multi-purpose machine, so give us the cost has dropped to a minimum, you can freely squeeze a variety of high-quality oil.
peanut oil press oil out of the first depends on the quality of the oil press you use to buy how to determine the oil level is also related to the level of the oil press technical settings, The oil rate also increased significantly;
1, the operator
The main reason is unskilled, the operation skill is not high, do not abide by the operating rules; operation carelessness, poor quality consciousness; personnel with not close; peanut oil press equipment effective utilization rate is low.
2, oil line blockage
The definition of oil line, the oil line is squeezed in the squeeze in the raw material in the squeeze out of the gap after the liquefaction, known as the oil line. The width of the oil line directly affects the amount of oil when the amount of slag. Oil line is too narrow will make peanut oil press the amount of oil out of time, and the emergence of oil, or from the cake out of the oil. If the hat is too wide, if the oil line is completely blocked by the residue, there will be no oil in our title.
Some users of the understanding of peanut oil press has a misunderstanding that the peanut oil press can only squeeze peanuts, this is wrong. New screw presses can be more than 30 kinds of oil crops for crushing production, can also be hot squeezed raw, we call the peanut oil press is a screw press. Different regions of the people of the pressing process requirements are not the same, in some places like to eat hot peanut oil, in some areas people like to eat raw peanut oil. New hot and cold dual-use screw press is a good solution to this problem.
Gongyi Jintai machinery production of peanut oil press to professional skills, first-class service and a strong faculty to win new and old customers of praise! Gongyi Jintai oil press sales in all regions soared, this is our exquisite technology and integrity of high-quality after-sales service can not be separated. If you want to know more peanut oil press professional knowledge, please contact our technical experts to inquire, we will give you a satisfactory professional and technical answers!

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