Cotton seed oil press machine motor is related to production

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Cotton seed oil press machine

We all know that cotton seed oil press machine is driven by the motor, and the motor is an indispensable device in the transmission. Many of my friends in the purchase of power which has a misunderstanding that the greater the better the power, it is not. Here Gongyi Jintai oil press manufacturers and technical personnel to answer your questions. In general, the market does have some manufacturers to increase the main motor power as a bright spot, as the machine output is high, the basis of high oil yield, in fact only improve the motor power of equipment, is an unreliable unreasonable design , The long-term production of the machine has a great impact, and the life of the machine itself is very large.
Gongyi Jintai cotton seed oil press machine factory technical personnel are summarized as the following elements:
First of all, undermine the overall speed ratio of the machine, the motor power increases, the reducer speed ratio unchanged, it will cause long-term high-load reducer non-normal operation, resulting in reducer life shortened, and prone to failure, even if the slowdown The machine also will increase the speed ratio, but the squeeze chamber, squeeze the snail did not increase the size, also lead to squeeze screw speed too fast, oil in the bombing chamber did not get full squeeze, it has been squeezed out of the chamber, and the squeeze chamber has Squeezed out of the oil, some can not return, there will be cake and oil together from the cakes out of the mouth, the oil rate is low.
Followed by increased production costs, increased power consumption.
To provide consumers with economic and practical, safe and reliable high-quality products cotton seed oil press machine is a prerequisite for survival and development of manufacturers, and good after-sales service is to maintain customer satisfaction, loyalty and effective measures. According to statistics, if the user does not get good after-sales service, 2/3 of the users will turn to the manufacturer's competitors to purchase behavior; if a good after-sale, about 70% of users will continue to patronize the manufacturers, so Good after-sales service is a manufacturer of sustainable development of the most important.
Finally, after the increase in power, if the process of pressing, encountered in the oil material, hard objects, the machine does not automatically stop, that is, the crash situation, the machine will forcibly squeeze foreign body, resulting in damage to equipment, Breech rupture, etc., in fact, this is cotton seed oil press machine machine design a self-protection function.


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